Several threads there on 'what line should I get.' Simple answer to all.

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  1. You call Steve Godshall here in Southern Oregon (Medford) at 541 840 2594 and have him do a custom cut for you. Won't cost you a penny more than something 'off the shelf' but what you get is a line specifically made for for your rod, type of fishing you do, your casting style, and the places you do same.

    Only a few of my rods don't have one of his lines ''locked and loaded;' just take the thing off the garage wall, on to the Jeeps rod rack and 'I'm out of here.'

  2. Slight modification to the above. Have him do the 'head' as one thing and the running line as another. That way you can change the top end and the bottom (loop to loop connections) is 'easy money' for something else.
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  3. Swing swing
  4. Noob question here but is it not more important to find a line designed for the angler instead of the rod? I understand that it could considered the same thing but there are a lot of rods with big grain windows. One line could not be the best for the other guy even though it is within the specified grain window.
  5. Daniel,

    Yes. Different casters/fishermen often prefer different lines for the same rod. And that does make lining a Spey rod more complicated than lining a single hand rod.

  6. Learn to make your own and you will always have the perfect line.
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  7. And, he'll telepathologically fix your casting deficiencies while advising you in the golden age of wireless about timing, power and motion. There...fixed it for you.

    Do yourself a favor. Line your rod in person with someone that has lines and understands spey...not over the internet or over the phone.
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  8. I have one of Steve`s lines . I was real excited to get it , and give it a whirl on my Loop Evotec 8136 .
    I was/am disappointed . The weight is good , the length is good .

    And that`s about it .
    Wanna buy it ?
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  9. I've cast a lot of Steve's lines on clients rods and hated the majority of them.
  10. With that said. I am confident that the people working in R&D at Rio and other line manufacturers know what they are doing. I'll let others try out these so called custom lines.
  11. Normally I'm not one to jump in on as nay sayer and my experience with Steve's lines is limited but a friend of mine recently purchased a rod from Meiser that came with the custom Godshall line. He called me shortly after receiving the rod saying it was casting very poorly and he wanted to know if it was the line or the rod so I went out to meet him with an out of the box Airflo Compact Skagit. Since I am the more experienced caster he gave me the rod with the Godshall line on it to try and I was surprised to be disappointed with the feel of the line and the otherwise dead feeling I got from a rod that I know from personal experience is an outstanding rod. So I put on the Compact Skagit to see how it felt and it was like casting a different rod so I had to come to the conclusion that there was something about the line itself that wasn't jiving with the rod because the grain weight between the two heads was 10 grains. My friend was relieved to know that his rod purchase was not a mistake and the story does have a happy ending in that we put the Godshall head on my friends older two hander (this rod is a cantankerous beast) and the Godshall casts very well on it.

    I have not seen the tapers on Steve's heads he makes for Meiser and they may not be a good fit for how I cast but I can say that the experience pretty well left me flat on the custom line thing.


  12. At the time I ordered the line for my Loop , my buddy ordered a line for his Meiser MKS .
    His line works great on his rod . Mine does not on my rod .

    I`ll try it on my CND Solstice and see how it performs on it - I`m not ready to write it off just yet - but it will have to perform much better on the CND -or it will be up for sale .

    And for clarification ... I also own a Loop Evotec in the 12`6`` , 6 weight version .
    That rod turns over a 360 grain S.A Scandi head beautifully - with authority .
    And I have zero issues casting any line I`ve strung up on my 8 weight Loop , other than the Godshall
  13. The unfortunate thing here is that fred offers up a catch all for lining two-handed exercise in impossibility. There are so many variables in what works for the individual caster.

    A friend of mine, Gary, brings out his really broke ass casting rig. He asks me what I think; and, I was honest, "This absolutely beyond sucks." Believe me, it beyond, beyond sucked. If I had to rely on that POS for self preservation, I'd starve. His cast sucked. His delivery sucked. He's a fishy dude and catches more fish that I do. It's what works for him.

    I have cast lines that Steve's built. I like some. I don't care for others. Just like any other manufacturer of lines on a particular rod. It's not that Steve's lines are not good or that they are not well thought out in his mind. He's meticulous. He thinks; and, Steve understands rods.

    But, to say that he has all the answers as fae portends, is just not the reality in the world of two-handed casting, rods and lines.
    Tight lines and casting far...way past where the fish are.
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  14. I have 4 SGS lines, and have zero complaints. The first line was made for me after a couple conversations with Steve. To date, it is the best casting line I've tried on that particular rod, and I think I've tried a 1/2 dozen or so. The other 3(scandi)all seem to do just fine on other rods, but to be honest, I haven't tried a lot of lines on them yet. These are ACR "trout speys", and relatively new rods to me.

    So no negative experiences with SGS lines for me. I don't use them exclusively, but I would not hesitate trying more of them.

  15. Steve has seen Fred cast, many times. Like said, Steve is a thinker, and he understands lines. What he has developed for Fred is a series of lines that work for Fred. For the two fly rig Fred favors, for the "Fred" style cast, matched to Fred's rods. :p
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  16. Bob said he won't send me anymore lines as I never liked one of them...That isn't true, I did like was great for overhead casting on the beach, though a spey? line...
    Different strokes literally for different folks...Fae just loves selling - - - - next up, speyco reels!!
  17. I'm not sure I should take 'personal affront ' here or not. A 'jest?' as the Brit's would say? Everything, save for one small, was bought and paid for from Bob Meiser, Gary Anderson, Steve G. And Tim's reels too. My recommendations are based on the results of my wallet getting opened up.
  18. Had to sit and think. The one exception that comes to mind was my first Furled leader from Joni/FurlGirl. Next several cost me $6.00 each.
  19. steve just winter athoritized a new rio shorthead for me. took all my info, rods, line preference, casting strengths and weaknesses, and besides splicing and dicing and recccomending the best tips to throw, he fine tuned it. i like the line even better now, and his tip reccomendations were spot on. of course i liked it already (love the low stretch core) but wanted a multitip line. i wouldnt hesitate to get a custom line from him now.
  20. There is a lot of talk here about the right rod/line combo. The best advice I was given a long time ago was to get your technique down before you start to worry about a foot or two of line or a few grains of weight. Best advice I ever received. If I had done this earlier it woud have saved me a few pesos.:cool:

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