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  1. Big changes,

    Legal weed and my
    neighbors can finally enjoy
    the toture of wedded bliss
    that I have enjoyed for 35 years.

    Protect me from what I want.

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  2. Wait. I'm confused. Do you want a divorce, or to get high?
  3. yes weeds legal but there is now a way to get a DUI from smokeing it & Alternative marriages are also in ,which means the gays can now lose half of their stuff in a divorce and pay child suppport. Life is good
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  5. Just remember it's legal to posses less than an ounce, but it's not legal to: share it with friends, smoke it in public, grow it or sell it without a permit from the state liquor board. You can still have your 15 plants with a medical prescription, however. For the next year, we can legally posses but have no legal source to buy it from; state authorized weed shops won't likely see the light until December of 2013, and that's if the fed's don't throw a tantrum. Of course if the feds do throw a shit fit, we'll be left with decriminalized possession and a thriving black market selling it.

    And while DUI provisions have always existed, the new law creates a specific THC 5 nanograms per mil of blood rule that should make it easier to enforce, but is problematic for regular smokers; some people wake up sober with higher THC counts than that. The bottom line is, don't fucking drive impaired and you won't get pulled over, but if you do, you're probably fucked. There's no defense if you're over the limit, it's an automatic prosecution.
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  6. yeah, true. I was an everyday smoker for well over a decade, and it took me almost 6 months for all the THC metabolites to leave my system. THC itself is gone in a month. If your car doesnt smell like weed, no reason to get hassled
  7. Gay marriage legalized on the same day as marijuana makes perfect biblical sense.
    Leviticus 20:13 -- A man who lies with another man should be stoned.
    Our interpretation has just been wrong for all these years
  8. Generally good laws except the state will still be too involved with the weed business. The fewer laws telling other people what the can and can't do, the better.

  9. first time MaryJane/Mary and Jane are legal.
  10. The problem is that these laws were designed by people with agendas
    To expand them.. Soon it will be hate speech to say that homosexual behavior is wrong...

    The pot law.... All that does is give benefits to people who supported violent crime and Mexican drug cartels.
  11. All laws are designed by people with agendas. Welcome to America. And as for was the feds who were supporting violent crime and the Mexican drug cartels.
  12. Wrong people who bought their products supported them..
  13. You are both right. People who bought their products supported them, but the structure of the laws made it so that they had a profittable business by importing it. Now a larger % of the money from weed will stay within the borders of the US with the recent legal changes.
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  14. I see an imminent shutdown.
  15. People in the Northwest still actually buy Mexican weed?
  16. I thought they were talking about the cartels from Canada, nicest serious criminals I've ever met. I think both changes are good. Although the weed thing could turn into a mess because the state won't handle the sales properly.
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  17. Not anyone I know. Why would they? We've got the emerald triangle, Canada, Colorado, not to mention what we grow here. If we need shitty black market stuff, we can get it through the domestic Vietnamese gangs growing it all over the state in rental houses.
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  18. My point exactly. I should have put one of these :D after my post since I was being sarcastic.
  19. Pot is the number one money maker and the drug most smuggled into the USA by the cartels not to mention what they grow in the national forest

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