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  1. I would imagine those in the drug trade are the ones who do not want weed legalized. Many gangsters made all their money from selling illegal booze during Prohibition. When Prohibition was repealed, they lost their income .

    I have no doubt, the drug dealers would just as soon weed was kept illegal.
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  2. Marijuana and hemp were initially made illegal because because of the cotton industry's ties to our government. It was then scheduled as a schedule 1 drug along with other dangerous drugs because Nixon ignored the advice of the scientific review board that was supposed to determine the scheduling of drugs in the new federal drug laws (they recommended it be taken off the federal register entirely). It's no secret that it stayed schedule one because Nixon hated hippies. Since then, it's stayed illegal, been maligned with false science and propaganda due to the alcohol and tobacco lobbies, pharmaceutical lobbies, private prison lobbies, and existing black market apathy (which arguably defeated Oregon's similar measure). Today there are more people in federal prison on drug charges then there were people in prison for all charges in 1980. Many federal agents have come out against the laws stating that they as agents were specifically directed to target poor and minority peoples.

    So yes. The people who made the laws had agendas. Like I said, welcome to America.
  3. Most of the weed I've ever gotten has been grown locally, as I'm sure it is with most potheads.
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  4. It's no secret that it stayed schedule one because Nixon hated hippies.

    Yup. He was a strange little guy. Paranoid and vindictive.
  5. Laws are always made by people with an agendas and opposed by people with different agendas.

    I don't see a damn thing wrong with smoking a little pot or with consenting adults marring the person they love. I have alot less problem with either of those than I do with other folks trying to push their version of morality on me.

    You're probably right, "soon it will be hate speech to say homosexual behavior is wrong". Because we'll probably get smarter and figure out folks are born gay. It's not a choice. I had a nephew and by age 3 or 4 we all knew he was gay, he's almost 30 now and still gay. I don't think at 3 he was planning to drop that bomb on the family.

    We tried prohibition once before and it didn't work (it actually increased organized crime); we tried stopping interracial marriage and it didn't work...both of those things seem pretty stupid to most of us today. My predication is that within 20 years we'll look at both of these laws as positive steps.
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  6. Then why did the pot head that killed my sister with a car go scott free, it was because there was at the time no established number for thc intoxication, now there is !!!!!!!
  7. Washington and Colorado did it correctly. Oregon was an example of a poor plan and it didn't pass because of it.

    Yup, it's just like Prohibition. What I didn't realize until I started looking into the repeal of Prohibition was that individual States started repealing the stupid law before the feds finally gave up and repealed it for the country. It seems the same will hold true for weed.

    The only ones who stand to lose are the criminals. They do not want it legal. They saw what happened to their source of income when it became legal to drink again.
  8. Your a idiot go play your video games
  9. Let's see...what should you go play with...? (BTW, it's "you're an idiot...)
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  10. Willialm F. Buckley, a notable conservative if ever there was one, wrote a good article in National Review in the mid 90s about America's War on Drugs. At that time local, state, and federal government was spending $105 billion a year on that war. The total estimated value of the drug trade, for all illicit drugs, was $100 billion a year. Making drugs illegal was an economic marriage made in Heaven, well actually Congress, that made billions for drug law enforcement and drug cartels, growers, manufacturers, distributors, street pushers, etc.

    The War on Drugs has been stupid since day one. WA and CO just got a little bit smarter.
  11. I am not forcing my morality on anyone. Just trying not to chokr
    On the immorality being shoved down mine....

    Interesting to note that Washingtonians by their voting preferred pot to same sex marriage...

    But then i guess it's ok to have an opinion as long as it agrees with yours huh?
  12. Wow
  13. Since I started this mess let me recap.

    1) The response to Gay marriage seems to
    be no big deal. Because it isn't. People
    are people.

    2) There are alot of people that still think
    Reefer Madness is reality. Once tried you are
    addicted and on your way to becoming a crazed
    republican that molests small animals and drools
    while chanting "fiscal cliff" over and over.

    The scare tactics of Nixon/Agnew set the US back
    billions of dollars, wasted tens of thousands of lives
    in prison, on a war that could never be won.

    Sounds like the broken record of pointless
    wars and wasted lives.

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  14. Against gay marriage? Don't get one!
  15. Slider quit shoving that stuff down Rob's throat.
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  16. “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.” - Mark Twain

    Let's adapt that to today's technology age, shall we...

    “It is better to hit the delete key or back button and appear stupid than to hit Post Reply and remove all doubt.”
  17. Damnit that made me erect.

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