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  1. Is that Ed?
  2. Nope, neither of those baked cats is Ed.
  3. Funny thing: Legal, chemical mood enhancers are now the #1 drug abuse problem in America (edging out alcohol for the spot) & they are advertised on TV. DUI tests for drivers under their influence are relatively rare.

    And those patrolmen or judges or legislators who tip a few after work? They're wanting to cop a buzz.
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  4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion regardless of who agrees or disagrees with it. The problem is when we create laws that discriminate against people who happen to be different from us, based on those opinions. Opinions are of little significance either way, laws affect people’s lives. No one is trying to change your opinion; we just changed the law.
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  5. I guess I missed the part on how this is even slightly fishing related.
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  6. Littering and...littering and...
  7. No, we changed the definition of the law.
  8. Mr. Allen. Please explain how the legalization of gay and lesbian marriage is equivalent to having immorality shoved down your throat. Or how legalizing pot does the same. How does either of these things affect you? You don't have to attend same sex weddings if you don't want don't have to support or show empathy towards same sex couples and you don't have to consume cannabis. Just what exactly are you being forced to do from the state allowing two consensual adults of the same sex to get married or allowing WA residents to smoke pot legally? Personally, I believe in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence that are supposed to ensure equal treatment under the law and equal access to the pursuit of happiness. Do you believe in these things or do you only believe in them when the circumstances agree with your distorted view of "morality". My guess is that, you sir, are a hypocrite in denial!
  9. Smokin' the reefer!

    Easily one of the best opening scenes to a movie ever.
  10. Gay married couples can now get the family rate at their local fly fishing club instead of having to buy two separate memberships.

    After a joint or two you start to see how the whole universe is tied together.
  11. Remember in the United States when...
    Children worked in dangerous factories 16+ hours a day?
    When some citizens owned other human beings as property?
    When you had to be a land owner to vote?
    When only white men were eligible for elected positions?
    When women were not allowed to vote?

    Appreciate your ability to come to the finest fly fishing forum to discuss things near and dear, to civilly discuss things you dislike, fear or don't understand.

    The alternatives are simple. Move away from the keyboard, from the state who's election decisions were decided by those around you every day, and away from a nation that has a record of progress in laws and rights...albeit often too slow of progress, but progress.

    I won't miss a moment of the simple minded bullshit that some spout.
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  12. It will be interesting to see how this legalization of marijuana plays out, since it is still Federally illegal.
  13. When individual States were repealing Prohibition, the feds had the same problem. I don't think they have the man power to send federal agents to target dope smokers in States that have changed their weed laws. If history repeats itself, the war on weed will go the way of Prohibition. .. as it should.
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  14. About 50% of the posts on the General fishing forum are no longer fishing related. "NFR: What kind of socks would you buy" "NFR: What kind of internet service should I get." I surf the other sub forums now because they stick to fishing topics much more; apparently a lot of people are here to chat with fishermen in general and BS which is cool. Just not why I'm on here personally.
  15. There are sub-forums filled with fishing related topics.
  16. Let's get things back on track with a interesting fishing topic.... what 5 wt should I buy?
  17. It'll go the same way alcohol prohibition did once the states started allowing us to drink again. More and more states are decriminalizing and it won't be long before more move to regulate and tax. Eventually, the fed's will be forced to stop chanting their "I believe marijuana is as dangerous as heroin" mantra and look at the miles of available science on the subject. Of course, that'll require some major reformation in the DEA where their institutionalized and dogmatic belief systems have become almost cult-like.
  18. If this law were really about anti discrimination then all manner of life styles would be addressed. Not just same sex.... I bet poly people feel that they were born that way... For this law to be truly nondiscriminatory anyone should be Allowed to marry..... Quite frankly i dont think the state should be in the marriage business at all. Wed be better off by having more regulations and steep divorce taxes.... Want to marry? Better be sure because you might not be able to divorce. And it will cost an arm and a leg if you can..

    Any time the state sanctions something it makes a statement about who we are and any benefits a person gets by being married are partly state funded. I pay taxes in this state so yet even more of my taxes could go to pay for.their life style. I have no problem with that but lets apply it equally. This is not a civil rights issue....... I will say no more on this issue....

    Pot....smoke.away but dont complain about getting fired because of it.. No good will come from this law.... Gonna suck for employers and coworkers of users
  19. "Do you believe in these things or do you only believe in them when the circumstances agree with your distorted view of "morality". My guess is that, you sir, are a hypocrite in denial!"

    Civil discourse.... Like this. It's interesting seeing the civil discourse when someone offers an opposing view. This site has lots to offer, but civil discourse isn't one of them.

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