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  1. Stonefish

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    Wolves like gays, weed and sheep that can cook.
  2. Evan Burck

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    I used to smoke weed back when it was illegal. A lot of it. I no longer smoke it. Now that it's legal, I still won't be smoking it. I also won't be getting a gay marriage... But I am hoping to attend a few soon.

    Your every day life isn't going to change from either of these laws most likely. It amazes me the people screaming that the world's going to end (literally and figuratively) from these laws passing. As if people weren't toking up, and living happy, cohabitated lives with a house and children in same sex partnerships already.
  3. Jim Wallace

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    An acquaintance of mine once offered me a toke of some "hermaphrodite weed." It was some stuff he grew himself. Had both male and female flowers on it. I smoked a little of it, and immediately wanted to stash my surf boards and fishing gear somewhere and head to the mall and go shopping! Talk about "gay weed!":eek: Ha!
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    For me it was Rush-->Primus-->Tool..
  5. Evan Burck

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    That's a great progression
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  6. Josh

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  7. Derek Young

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    Indeed it is. I don't really listen to Green Day, simply trying to make a point. Rush was never a commercial success, they just laid the groundwork. Soon, weed and the right to marry will be ubiquitous.

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  8. Jeremy Floyd

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    Thanks man. I love listening to and playing alt time signature music. I love playing the bass to those bands.
  9. Salmo_g

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    If someone wants to marry their horse, let 'em. Nobody's trying to make you marry the horse for cripe sake. Let other people do what they want. As long as it isn't directly and adversely affecting you, what's your beef? I'm amazed by those who have the excess energy to be so concerned about what other people do.

    I am concerned about the WA state liquor control board however. I-502 gives them a year to come up with regulations, and the LCB, like a good government bureaucracy, already stated that they intend to take the entire year to do so. (However, I did hear a conflicting statement the other day that they may have regs for retailers by mid-2-13.) My concern is that the LCB will produce such detailed and complex regulations, and taxes so high, that the street will end up being the most cost and logistically effective means of distribution and sales, keeping the bad guys that we want to put out of business, in business.
  10. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    Eh, here in WA, I don't think we quite have the "bad guy" thing like some other places do (where imported shitty mexican weed is the norm). I know plenty of good, honest, hard working people with "herb gardens." Those type of people seem to be the biggest part of the Washington marijuana agriculture economy. Granted, they don't account for the entire "industry" here, but they make up the majority of it from what I've seen.
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  11. Jeff Sawyer

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  12. ribka

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    These people with home grown herb gardens will be shut down or heavily taxed Or prosecuted under the new law.

    Take a look at what the G has done to alcohol qnd tobacco. Washington has some of the highest tobacco and alcohol taxes now in the US.Both heavily regulated by the WSLCB.

    Local prosecutors stopped prosecuting simple mj possession years ago.

    They will actively pursue someone for tax evasion.I predict a tax similar to tobacco and a rise in mj prices.

    I bet the tribes get involved in mj grows to avoid the taxes.

    Have a feeling that this is going to be careful what you wish for situation.

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  13. Be Jofus G

    Be Jofus G Banned or Parked

    At least someone actually read the law.

    Any one who smokes weed that voted for this is an idiot. They just bent over and spread the cheeks of all of the people on medical cannibis who need it to survive. They should have waited and passed a law similar to the one in Colorado.
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  14. Charles Sullivan

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    You can grow your own tobacco and ferment your own alchohol legally. It's possible that the G so to speak would be concerned for individual use gardens, but from what I have seen, it's unlikely. With the amount an individual plant can produce in a rather small time a tin closet garden can produce more than all but he most serious heads can consume.

    I will admit that the DUI portion of the law could lead to false arrests for daily or nightly users, however the officer still needs probable cause.

    Go Sox,
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  15. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    I'm allowed to brew 200gal tax free beer and wine at my home. I see something similar happening at some point.
  16. ribka

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    You cannot legally brew one drop hard liquor in WA without a license and an inspection.

    Home brew beer/wine in WA limited to 100 gal a year

    Good luck growing and curing your own tobacco. Not an easy proposition.

    The new mj law states any amount over one oz is a felony. You CANNOT grow your own under the new WA state law. It is a felony if you grow your own mj.

    Surprised the above are too ignorant to even bother to read the law before commenting.

    Maybe unicorns are exempt though?

    I blame the US educational system.

  17. ribka

    ribka Active Member

    A daily user would easily surpass over the 5 nano grams in a blood test and will be easily prosecuted for DUI. I have buds who work for DOC and do urine tests for controlled substances and a weekly mj user could very easily test over the 5 nanogram limit when a blood test is given for a suspected DUI.

    Be prepared to spend around 10 k for court and legal fees

    Light em up.

  18. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    I'm far from ignorant, thank you. I don't believe I said anything inaccurate. I said I don't see why a similar law couldn't happen. Liquor laws are easing as it has only been legal to distill commercially for a few years. Home brewing wine and beer wasn't legal until the late 70s/early 80s for most states.

    Things progress, laws change.

    Also, I said I could brew 200gal. Two adults in my household = 100 x 2.
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  19. Steve Bird

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    I think your comment contains the seed of a sane solution & refinement of the law.

    Laws governing alcohol might serve as a model. Anybody can grow hops or grapes & make a specified quantity of liquor for home consumption. Tax free. Your own beeswax. That which is commercially produced & sold in stores is what is taxed & regulated. Why not the same with weed? And that would refine the books by eliminating the need for regulating medical cannabis, relegating it to the status of home-grown herbal remedy -- what it should be.

    However, we will not achieve smooth refinement until the State leadership comes clean & stops being greedy, looking for ways to maximize revenues from this, way out of proportion. And that while walking a tightrope still trying to appease the morally outraged.
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  20. Pat Lat

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    Really all the law did was cement in the fact that you won't be charged for possession of a small amount of weed, if anyone has ever been to hempfest then they know that Seattle PD really doesn't care about that in the first place since decriminalization.
    Other than that, you still have to be careful if you grow your own (which is really not hard to get away with anyways) or plan to make an extra buck hooking up you buddies.
    As for the DUI thing, obviously you shouldn't drive stoned, but if you're high enough to get pulled over in the first place then chances are the cop is gonna know and your gonna get fucked regardless of the guidelines this new law has set forth.

    Ribka: We're all just having a conversation here. I don't see any reason to start flinging personal attacks, maybe you're just stressed, if so I know something that can help with that:)