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  1. Is there such a thing as a "good" flask? Or are they all destined to leak eventually?

    I've had terrible ones and a couple ones that worked until they died or disappeared. I'm not looking to spend a mint, since flasks are one of those things that have a way of walking off. But I also don't care to smell like a bum after a mad dog bender because my flask leaked.
  2. I agree on the Stanley. I've had one for a while and the only booze that spills from it is due to user error or a bad pour.
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  4. I've had good luck with this guy from William Joseph

  5. I guess carrying a little with you is better than the whole bottle.

    I only drink when I'm through fishing. Don't need to get falling down drunk when fishing. I fall down enough as it is now when fishing.
  6. I agree Jim. Liquor doesn't improve my game, fishing or golf. It is nice to have a nip or three late in the day though. The alternative is to keep a bottle in the car but that's not a better idea.
  7. My flask has never leaked. It's the one with a guy playing a fish on it. Gasket inside is the key and if the top screws down solid with tight threads.

    My flask is never used while I'm fishing. It's for a pass around nip when we are off the water with cigars
  8. I don't drink to get drunk, unless it is around a group of Fly Fishers. I try to keep my drinking done at home. Safer all the way around.
  9. A few years ago Jamieson was offering a nice stainless steel flask as a promo. The special packaging included a fifth of Jamieson and a 5-ounce-capacity flask, all for the regular price (at that time, $26.00 if memory serves). During the several months that the offer was available I bought a few and gave a couple away to friends. While Jamieson is not my favorite brand of Irish (that would be Tullamore Dew), and I wouldn't drink that very popular fookin' proddy whisky on a bet.

    Five ounces is a useful size, enough for a nip or two for yourself and a fishing buddy.
  10. The only bad flask is an empty one. Each one I have has a good seal and works well.
  11. I think all of the stainless flasks are made by the same factory in China. I have a TU 5oz that looks like the GSI and William Joseph ones, and a 7.5 oz from a local fundraiser that is identical except for the size. I have not tested them extensively, but no leaks yet.
  12. I have a no name one that I got at a gas station that has done the trick nicely for me. I've never tried the GSI flask, but have used a lot of their other products and really like them.
  13. Mine has never leaked, but I don't remember where I got it though... My buddy got his from REI many years ago and it is still going strong. Whatever you do, I recommend one with the attached cap. My previous one went to the trash due to a lost cap incident. I ended up getting a funnel anyway because I kind of suck at filling without it and wasted liquor is a shame. Get the one from REI...
  14. Whats not to love about this? Saw something like it at PSFS. It's on my list.

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  15. I have an old pewter flask that has seen better days. Dented and generally shit kicked. It started leaking about 10 years ago because the gasket or seal in the lid was cacked. I picked what was left of it out and sliced a section of cork from a nice high grade solid wine bottle cork after I sanded the O.D. to the correct size. No issues since....
  16. I had to jump in here and tell you something that happened at work once. I was doing some demolition behind a bar in a restaurant, and accidentally 'clipped' one of the 1/4 inch nylon lines that feeds booze from behind the bar into a 'gun' they use to fill drinks. Oops. In my frantic attempt to make a repair, I ended up smelling like I had crossed a river of booze without waders. Then I had to drive home in I-5 in rush hour and prayed I wouldn't be pulled over. God granted me favor that day.
    NOT that I didn't have explaining to do to my wife, however.
  17. I actually have maybe 3 flasks, and have had a couple others that broke and are now history.
    One word: Nalgene
    The one I enjoy is a Nalgene model from REI. Clean, clear, large cap that's the same thread as 90% of the liquor bottles, in case you loose the cute one with the plastic shot glass. Light weight in the vest and easy to fill. Twelve ounces so you can share with a pal. Or not.
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  18. I've actually got one of those myself, and it's great for camping or in a pack. I just wish they made like a 7oz one for inside the jacket.

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