SFR: Al Gore's mistakes?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Philster, Oct 11, 2007.

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    Wow... I can't believe a politician would lie to the people. ... I've heard his house is REALLY eco-friendly!

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    Gore's laughing all the way to the bank...

    from the link Philster provided:

    From jennifer Marohasy:
    Al Gore Getting Rich Spreading Global Warming Hysteria With Media’s Help

    Excerpt: ABC estimated soon-to-be-Nobel Laureate Al Gore’s net worth at $100 million, which isn’t bad considering that he was supposedly worth about $1 million when he watched George W. Bush get sworn in as president in January 2001. Talk about your get-rich-quick schemes, how’d you like to increase your net worth 10,000 percent in less than seven years? < > Some environmentalist groups disparage Gore and his investment banker friends. They say the Gore group caters to others who share their financial interest in the carbon-exchange concept. The bulletin of the World Rainforest Movement says that members of a United Nations-sponsored group called the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stand to gain by approving Gore’s carbon-trading enterprise. The IPCC has devised what it says is a scientific measure of the impact of greenhouse gases on global warming. In fact, the critics charge, the IPCC sanctions a mechanism that mainly promotes the sham concept of carbon exchange. The global non-profit organization Winrock International is an example of one IPCC panel member that seeks out groups and individuals with an interest in carbon trading. Arkansas-based Winrock provides worldwide “carbon-advisory services.”
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    At least his corporate jet runs on hydrogen!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    Where were these guys when our government promoted showing "Reefer Madness" in every high school in the country???
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    :confused:Smoking Reefer?:confused:
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    Global warming is a REAL SERIOUS issue that we need to pay attention to regardless of the fact that Gore is a douche bag.
  9. Sloan Craven Active Member

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    Yeah, we have to take global warming seriously. It's real even though some of the biggest neames promoting the issue are liars, and it will have a huge effect on our fisheries.
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    It's the same guys. Reefer madness gave the impression it was about drugs. The truth is that they were worried about air quality and carbon dioxide emissions from a mass smoke out:) Think of where we would be with climate change if everyone was smoking dope:ray1:
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    beware of manbearpig. he's real and he's going to get you.
  12. Ethan G. I do science.. on fish..

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    I'm not a huge Gore fan, but I've seen the movie. When reading the article I did spot some inconsistencies. A bit of what they mentioned in the artice seemed to be time related, for example: "The film suggests that the Greenland ice covering could melt causing sea levels to rise dangerously. The evidence is that Greenland will not melt for millennia." "The film suggests that sea levels could rise by 7m causing the displacement of millions of people. In fact the evidence is that sea levels are expected to rise by about 40cm over the next hundred years and that there is no such threat of massive migration." The movie never specified a certain time period, and if people believed that it would happen that fast, then they're just irrational.

    Is human initiated global warming real? Yes. Is it a serious problem? Yes. Do we need to do something? Yes. Will the effects be prominent in my lifetime? Probably not. Are people willing to change thier lifestyle to accomodate the planet? I don't think so. That's how I see it. It's kind of a bummer.:(
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    millennium is a 1,000 years. millennia is the plural for millennium. As in "at least 2,000 years". 40 cm is under 16 inches, and that's an unproven worst case scenario. It's the boy who cried wolf story. He, and everyone who excuses his behavior because even though he's full of it, if it makes people react it's "for the greater good", are criminals against humanity, because THEY are going to cause the deaths of millions if they get their way, by INCREASING poverty, limiting access to refrigeration and heating technology, all the while getting richer and distancing their lifestyles even more from the common citizen of the planet. Look into his sham carbon trading company. Yes he created one. It has one customer. Him. He pays himself, to sell himself carbon credits... Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Greenland's ice melting could create a serious problem. Freshwater being introduced into the northern Atlantic too fast can cause a disruption of ocean currents which would cause a disruption in the heat distribution in the northern hemisphere.
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    Unproven worst case scenario is right on! These "predictions" are based upon computer models of weather patterns (i.e. a bit more sophisticated type of weather forecasting than you local weather report is based upon according to my brother-in-law who has Ph.D.'s in meteorology and computer Science-he works for the National Weather Service on a storm track and severe storm predicting team), and all of us know how accurate a local weather forecast is for 2 weeks away. Just think how much variation is present when trying to predict weather patterns 20, 30, 50, 100, 500, 1,000 years in the future.

    Mike has told me that they can't even make good accurate predictions 3 days out about where an already formed huricane is going to travel and how severe it will be when it gets to where it might go. He says that is why when you see the hurricane storm path being predicted it always has a huge area it may possibly move into. And have you ever noticed how inaccurate those predictions of the type of winter (how cold, how much rain, how much snow, etc.) are? They are based on the same sort of computer modeling climate change predictions are based upon.
  16. Dave Hartman is tired of trout

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    I don't agree with your point of view, but I respect the fact that you have an opinion and you believe in something, (and that's on top of the respect I have for you after reading some of your FR posts; you are obviously an experienced angler).

    However, I don't agree with this sort of issue being on this particular board. You're not going to change anyone's mind on the issue anymore than they might change yours. But what's more likely to happen is people are going to start disrespecting one another over what is clearly much closer to a political-related issue than a fishing-related one.

    Again, this is said only in all-due-respects.
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    Global warming is about money, power, and control. Who gets the money. Who gains in power and control. Nothing more.

    There is not one creditable piece of evidence that man is contributing in any significant manner to global warming.
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    and here i thought that climate change was actually a communist plot. that you all for clarifying your ignorance.
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    Kerry -- This is a big statement. Do you have any creditable -- or credible -- evidence to support your statement? -- Larry
  20. Mingo the Menehune stole my beer

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    Al Gore invented the interwebnetsuperhighway. He is the Adam to all us cyber yakkers. He is our father. He is our guiding light. He cheeses out eco-friendly flatulence that smells like crushed fruit.