SFR: Best Sippin Whiskey

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Flyborg, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. heathero

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    Spoken like a true whiskey drinker!
  2. herl

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    I was still confused about Islays, then I bought a bottle of Laphroig Quarter Cask. Now I get it. That stuff is amazing, and I can now appreciate the Caol Ila and the Bowmore for what they are - slight variations on the theme (Caol Ila being the better variation, at least better than the 8 year Bowmore). Too bad I'm sitting here working on work, instead of fishing, while I drink. Fishing would be better.
  3. Achilles

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    Best thread ever.

    Any scotch, neat.
  4. gearhead

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    been studying this thread, as i'm recently looking at new whiskeys to drink. of the 24 or so brands mentioned atleast twice. i thought there would be some kind of consensus, but found none.

    the top five "makers" based only on popular mention in this thread are:

    Makers Mark
    Jim Beam
    Johnnie Walker
    Knob Creek

    a useless bit of info, but i spent the time and thought i'd share.
  5. Jeff Sawyer

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    So many Whiskeys, so little time.
  6. ganglyangler

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    For those who like Irish whiskeys give Knappogue Castle a try. Delicious! Also, Jamesons 12 or 18 year is a fine libation. Glenmorangie gets my Scotch vote.
  7. Clay Carney

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    Along with Knob Creek, Makers, Bookers is Bakers.
  8. Breck

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    If anyone would like to try some good single malts, I'll be hosting a Whisky tasting at the Whisky Bar on 2nd & Virginia, Downtown Seattle beginning at 7pm. $10 gets you a generous taste of 3 different single malts, plus a haggis dinner complete with neeps & tatties. Come on down.
  9. Jason Decker

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    what day?
  10. Trader Joe's has a fine Ilay single malt called Finlaggan. Interesting bit of history attached to that stuff. We found the place while over there.[/QUOTE]

    What state do Trader Joe's have hard A?
  11. Flyborg

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    Since the thread started I've gone through a bottle of Jameson's and just got a bottle of Makers Mark. Good stuff. Definitely takes the bite off at the end of a work day. I forgot I'd had Jameson's several years ago on the Ronde with Grey One and Steelie Mike. Although to their credit they finished a bottle by themselves one afternoon :) I'm not sure I was truly in a state to appreciate it back then.
  12. Big K1

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    Basil Hayden for me!
  13. ansas

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    View attachment 46310 View attachment 46309 This is good and Bulleit Bourbon is very nice, but I like it all (in moderation...of course). :)

    Good liquior like an excellent fly rod and well tied flies is a comfort that once sampled is hard to pass.