SFR-Bigfoot among us?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jeff Hale, May 21, 2009.

  1. Michael Thompson the flavor of BADFISH

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    perhaps one has already been found and the gov doesn't want us to know. just imagine how many hikers would get shot for mistaken identity.
  2. Jacob Peterson Member

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    I wonder if there is law banning shooting bigfoot since its not classified anywhere in the hunting regs......
  3. Dustin Bise Active Member

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    you would probably get rich for it.
  4. cabezon Sculpin Enterprises

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    If you believe in Bigfoot, I suggest that you also gear up and try your luck for the Loch Ness monster. I hear that a friend of a friend was told that they like marshmallow flies......

    Sadly, you cannot prove a negative (the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence). I'm always astonished that with all the amazing wildlife that WE KNOW does exist, people put such energy in chasing phantoms. Perhaps the quest provides more insight into the motivations of the human psyche than it does into cryptozoology, as this obscure corner of the biological world is called.

  5. Gatorator Member

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    In 1973 my BiL was a TA for Grover Kranz at WSU. One weekend my wife and I went over for a visit and ended up at an Anthropology Department Party. To make an interesting story short I had a long conversation with him about Bigfoot. He explained that if there were, for instance, only 1,000 Bigfoots in NA and they were as elusive as Black Bears are we would see very few, if any. Particularly if they held to the most remote areas.

    He gave me two plaster casts of imprints taken at a sawmill near Orofino Idaho. One was about 18 inches long and the other about 14. They looked similar to a human foot but with longer toes and a wider ball. These animals, thought to be a female and an offspring, were supposedly seen by sawmill workers and were tearing the bark of some hardwood logs of some sort. Supposedly they were around for about an hour and their were 10-15 witness's. Grover went over that evening with a grad student after being called and took numerous casts of the prints.

    I had the casts for years but the kids finally broke them and we threw them out.

    Another Story. I have a friend who has a house on Lake Kachess, just over Snoqualmie Pass. One day a friend of his came driving in and stated their was a Bigfoot at he top of a clear cut just up the road. They drove up there and there were about 4 cars and a few people watching what appeared to be a big hairy animal at the top of the clear cut about 300 yards up the hill. It was just walking around on two legs, stopping and pulling up grass and eating it. They all watched it and took pictures for about 5 minutes and then one of the guys went into his trunk and pulled out his rifle. He said he was going to shoot it. Just about that time one of the other people started screaming for him not to shoot it as it was just a prank. A fellow dressed in a Gorilla Suit. :rofl:
  6. olypenjeeper Active Member

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    skamania county has a law against killing bigfoot.
  7. Mark Walker Active Member

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  8. Trent Ugly member

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    Just because there has not been any trace or evidence so far dosn't mean that one does not exist.
  9. Brett Angel Member

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    They didn't discover a NEW species of rhino. They already had proof of it's existance and the lack of evidence lead to the belief it was extinct.
  10. Don Freeman Freeman

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    While I can't say I believe, there are people I respect who do.

    A friend down in Eugene (now deceased) was hired by a bunch of phd's to guide them up in the Cascades to look for BF. A skeptic himself, Mel Jackson agreed to outfit the search, as their money was good. This was probably 30 years ago or so.

    The result was that my friend, with whom I taught outdoor/environmental classes at UO, became a staunch believer as a result of the time they spent on the study. He was a no - nonsense guy about everything else, and extremely knowledgeable about the NW, mountain guide, river guide, you name it. He even used a plaster cast for a doorstop that he swore was a footprint. It did look kinda like a big human foot, but.....

    I think it helps a lot to WANT to believe.
  11. Trent Ugly member

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    Yes, just like lack of evidence leads to people disbelieving in Bigfoot. There is also an article in the list where new species were recently found (not the ones about rhinos). And the reason the rhinos were thought to be extinct was because of no evidence, now there is evidence so they "exist again".
  12. Dustin Bise Active Member

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    has bigfoot ever attacked anyone? It seems everyone is scared of him but he seems harmless to me if he is real, which is good, cause i dont wanna fight a 9 foot tall monkey man.
  13. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    We lost track of FishDontCare for about 15 minutes when out on the Hoh. There was some wailing and loud noises that can't be put into typed words. When he emerged from the brush he was adjusting his waders, walked a bit funny and had this look on his face...:eek:

    Wondering if the eighth wonder of the world slipped him an early birthday present when fishdontcare was trying to relieve himself in the brush...:D
  14. Mark Walker Active Member

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    OK, I admit it!
    I was kinda hard on the big guy, but he still gave ME the flowers he picked for Mumbles.:D
  15. Matthew Malloy Trout Bum

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    He worked for Noah cleanin crap out of stalls and doing other odd-jobs around the ark! :D
  16. Matthew Malloy Trout Bum

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    And btw, screw bigfoot... do winter steelhead exist? :confused:
  17. _WW_ Fishes with Wolves

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    All we have are a few anecdotal stories and a few fuzzy pictures...although WDFW claims there are thousands of them breeding in our rivers!
  18. Bonefish Jack Strictly FF

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    The left side of my brain (at least, what remains of it) strongly tells me that there is no such thing as a Sasquatch :thumb:

    However, when I am walking back to my car in the dusk of a summer evening on one the forks of the Snoqualmie, the right side of my brain is looking around for the big guy, flinching at unknown sounds, and accelerating my heart rate and my adrenal gland releases :eek:

    Kinda like riding a hot roller coaster ... I imagine it is the same for many of you ...
  19. Trent Ugly member

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    No, the right side of my brain always hears bangos and hillbillies laughing. That is what gets my heart rate pumping and adreniline flowing.
  20. CLO coho where are you?

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    I estimate that there are at least 500-600 Big feet in the Cascade region, mostly centered around the Mt. Baker area.