SFR-Bigfoot among us?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jeff Hale, May 21, 2009.

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    Well, I read this whole thing so now I guess I get to post too: Like everyone, I'd like to believe.. but since we've already established that he stinks to high heaven, why hasn't someone put a couple bloodhounds on his trail and at least gotten a good picture, if not some real hair, Sasquatch crap, or a body? Doesn't seem like it would be that hard.

    They say there is always some truth in legend, so perhaps there used to be sasquatchii - but I don't believe the reports that come around these days. The only ones ever confirmed are hoaxes. At least we know that if he is real, there's nothing to be afraid of since he's never hurt anyone. I am a doubter.
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    I've been in the mountains on the Afghan/Pakistan border and the Pashtu word for their big hairy man-ape is Bormanjoo(sp)... Even those geniiuses are believers!
    BTW- there are some great looking streams up there, just no freaking trout to speak of, or elk, mule deer, black or white-tails or any birds worth shooting and eating... but if you're into goat kabobs and home made yogurt you're in luck!
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    I'll throw my stories in.. I do believe that there is something to the whole bigfoot legend. I've had 2 encounters...

    The first was back in 96. My dad and I were taking his new jeep up in the Mt. Baker area, around April I believe. We were driving up the twin lakes road and there were no other cars around. We were a few miles up and about 100 yards in front of me I see a creature walk across the road and into the woods. It happened very quickly, but I could tell a few things. It wasn't human, it seemed to have thick fur, it wasn't a bear. It was fairly tall and had a large gait. We stopped where it had gone into the forest and you could see prints in the dirt. It had a bit of a slope to it, and it was only the front half of the feet.

    The second encounter was in the same area about a year later. I was off panning for gold by myself. There was still a considerable amount of snow in the area. I parked at the start of the road that goes down to the nooksack cirque. I hiked next to a cliff and then through the meadow to a stream I was going to try my luck at. At the beginning of the meadow and tucked up to the cliff is an old dwelling of some sort... although long since abandoned. So I get to the stream and start going to work. Within a few minutes I had the creepy, I know someone is watching me feeling. I look around and don't see anything. I got really uneasy and decided to call it quits. I packed my gear up and started hiking back. I walked back across the meadow and noticed a second set of prints next to the ones I made going to the stream. They were very large and made by something not wearing shoes. The meadow was still snow covered so they were pretty well defined. They were not bear prints, they looked human but on a massive scale.

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    That might have been ol' Lyle. He has been messin' with folks up there for years. Big man, actually gigantic. He can pickup full 55 gallon drums by the rim and walk off with them. Long dark hair and full beard. With his shirt off he looks like the missing link, and well, perhaps he is. Not the brightest chump around but gots a sense of humor. Easily mistaken for bigfoot.