FS/WTT SFR but worth a shot: I have a mint condition Triumph Daytona 955cc, fuel injected

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by yellowlab, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. Daytona1.jpg Daytona2.jpg Daytona3.jpg Daytona4.jpg Daytona1.jpg Daytona2.jpg Daytona3.jpg Daytona4.jpg Looking for a pop up tent trailer (Evolution2 or 3), hard sided egg camping trailer, driftboat, raft, outboard motors (Yamaha or Honda), V-hull Aluminum or Glass center or side console boats. Electric crab pot pullers, 4x4 mid size pickup (any make but will have to be in good running condition). Have plenty of fishing gear, but open to possible trades for Islander MR2 or MR3 reels + Cash or Scotty 2106 downriggers, Vintage Hardy Reels, G. Loomis and Sage Fly Rods, Galvan Torque Reels. ??? Open to other things, but as you can see, fairly specific on the wants.

  2. That bike looks scary to me. Could get in some trouble on that thing. I think it might be a good fit for any Gangnam stylist out there.:cool:
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  3. Your bike plus $1,000 gets you my Hyde DB. Chew on that.....

    I'll be around tomorrow and Saturday.
  4. PT, check you PM...
  5. Sexy looking bike at a nice price. It's the wrong time for me but someone should jump on this.
  6. 145 RWHP at 420 lbs, you do the math of power to weight ratio, definitely gets the heart and stomach into my esophagus with a twist of the throttle. This bike has been adult owned all its life and ridden with respect. If I don't sell or trade, its ok too... but just not getting as much ride time as I'd expected.
  7. Photos added and weekend bump!
  8. Nice bike!! Were's the rod holder?
  9. Steve, I could add one on especially for you if you bought the bike.
  10. Thanks for the offer Paul but I'd kill myself on something like that. I'll give you a bump though.
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