SFR: cat piss on goretex waders

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Speaker, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Trap the cat and take him to Lone Lake fishing, one way. Or across the Deception Pass bridge. Won't help your waders but you'll feel better. I have a story but won't tell it here.
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  2. Yeah the rest of the garage is fine. There was just the puddle on the waders.

    Fingers crossed.
  3. Jim, your question above suggests you're not an animal person.

    That kind of behavior by a cat or dog has nothing to do with a physical need to relieve its bladder and everything to do with marking territory and asserting dominance. The cat sent you an unambiguous signal that if you leave the garage door open, the interior and its contents are HIS territory. Your waders are likely quite full of your own scents and smells. The cat zeroed in on them and upped the ante by covering yours with his.

    The fact that you're now jumping through all kinds of hoops to eliminate the odor confirms his dominance, not yours.

  4. How do you know that cat piss on your waders wouldn't ATTRACT fish???? Someone discovered, probably by accident, WD40 attracts fish.... maybe cat piss would have the same effect.
  5. It looks like my earlier post didn't take. I have a deskunker kit put together for when my dog tangles with a skunk. It's supposed to work fast. It's a bottle of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide), some baking soda and some mild liquid dishwashing soap. The dishwashing soap is a wetting agent to allow the other stuff to sink in good and neutralize the smell.

    You might give that a try. I found this on the Spokane outdoors blog as the writer's dog has a problem with skunks. He said he's used it and it works fast.
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  6. Now that you have become his territory your best bet is to enact the final solution. Borrow or rent a live trap and relocate him. Try to put a large river between his new home and yours.

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  7. I guess you haven't had cat urine on your clothing. I don't think keeping the smell on my clothes would make me dominant. In fact, in nature, animals will cover the scent with their own scent to confirm their dominance. (well, from my classes in college anyways, may have changed since then lol) Since I don't think he wants to pee on his own clothes, he resorts to washing and then putting his own funk back into the waders.

    BTW Jim, Had a cat try to do similar thing (marking territory in my garage). Cat didn't last long. I showed my dominance and all I saw was a puff of fur after the fact. ;)
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  8. When I was in college we were abusively forced to purchase insanely expensive mediocre text books. I just got home from shelling out $700 for a new semesters worth of book. The next morning I wake up to see a cat, which I already disliked, snarling at me while cursive scribbing f$&? Y&@ on my back pack in radioactive piss.

    After that day, every time I see a cat I pull it apart.

    They are utterly worthless creatures. Their signs of "affection" are merely marking you with their stank glands and they'll eat your body within 10m of your departure from this world. (Source: 15yr EMT)
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  9. You could guess that but you'd be wrong. At one point as a college student I lived with over a dozen cats. Virtually everything I owned had been pissed on at least once.

    The takeaway for me was that if I valued it, I learned to keep it away from the cats (and as a corollary, to keep the cats out of certain areas of my home.) Another recent lesson was that for the last two years, we've lived cat-free. I miss having one from time to time but I sure don't miss taking care of them.

  10. To keep it from happening again, you should mark your territory around the garage similar to what the researcher did in Never Cry Wolf. Drink a few beers and dammit, mark your territory so the cat understands you can mark as well as it can.

    You may want to do the marking of your territory at night... just in case the neighbors get the wrong idea.
  11. Well, I'm allergic, so I don't keep them in the house, and never cared for them anyways (I'm definitely a dog person). Unfortunately, as you well know having had cats, they're sneaky creatures. No matter how hard you try, you leave a door open for half a second, they'll sneak in. And having any garage door with opener gives a cat PLENTY of time to sneak in. Let alone if you're working in and out of the garage. I've cat proofed quite a few of my rooms in my garage/shop. They still get in somehow. Thankfully, there's very little human smells in those areas (since my fishing room is seperate from the garage), so all they have is mechanical smells from saws, drills, etc.

    Hmmmmmm, wonder if that would work with cats? Hell, I know my dogs will always mark over what I just "marked" out in the wild. LOL.
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  12. Sure it will work with cats. I had to mark our backyard to keep the neighbor cats out of my territory. It is a one beer yard.
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  13. Here's a link to the article I was talking about.
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  14. I actually have a couple cats that I got for my son. I know it wasn't them, they were indoors when it happened. Pretty sure I know which neighbor cat did it. Not about to do anything in retribution to the cat, though, that's not right. Yes, yes I'm familiar with what it pissing on my waders meant - I am just really pissed off about it and thus was venting... and yep I figured it was probly because the waders smelled like me ... But again: pissed off and venting.

    Thanks all for the links and suggestions.

    Actually, I think I'll keep my air soft mp5 or pistol in the garage so if its snooping around I can show it it is not welcome, without doing any real damage to it.
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  15. This thread is so entertaining.
  17. You are entitled however to eat 2lbs of asparagus and piss through the cat owners open sunroof on a warm upcoming summer day. Just marking some territory......bro.

  18. Yeah. Not so much. :mad:

    Think I'm going to be avoiding vinegar. If I need to call Simms, and they say it's okay, then yep, otherwise nope, nothing acidic.

  19. LMAO. I should probably do that at night as well, huh?
  20. [​IMG]

    A couple of these, from my non-lethal collection, will live in the garage from now on. The co2 pistol at the bottom is quietest, and shoots straight at 400fps... I'm thinking it will be the neighbor cat repellent of choice. If that doesn't do the trick I'm supposing the all-metal electric mp5 will do the trick with a couple full auto bursts. I was thinking I'd need to repel raccoons with them at my new house - meh, cats, raccoons, what's the diff?

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