SFR: cat piss on goretex waders

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  1. Not the story I alluded to above but in the 80s I had a dominant neighbor cat that would raid the porch for our cat's food, etc. Pissed there too. I was fortunate one day to close the door on the cat, trapping him. Had a full bottle of cheap cologne from some wedding gift (Brut or Hai Karate I think). Soaked the cat with the whole bottle full of dominant scent. Never saw him again.
  2. I am not a cat lover, and a cat that pissed on any of my personal belongings would be "disappeared."

    I found a product in the Surf Shop that is supposed to remove "wet suit stink." Wet suit stink is not nearly as bad as cat piss, but it can get pretty bad. this stuff is a highly penetrating biological formula that is used for soaking neoprene booties, gloves, hoods and wetsuits.

    My suit was stiinking the other day while I was trapped in it waiting for the locksmith to show up. It was a hot day, and although the locksmith arrived in short order, I was alread parboiling in my own steaminess. It never felt so good to get my car unlocked, and thus finally be able to change out of my wetsuit, which is going into its 3rd year now. Surfing wetsuits aren't built with "flies".
    So I went ahead and bought some "Pau Pilau biological wetsuit cleaner." Haven't had a chance to use it yet.

    Real catchy name, eh? "Pau Pilau" translated loosely from the Hawaiian: "No moah da kine stink."
  3. Cats are pointless

  4. I loaned a large hava-heart trap to a neighbor who was having problems with raccoons invading thru his cat entry door. He caught one raccoon and drove it miles away and let it go. It ceased to be a problem.
    Later he caught another one, but he noticed it was a female that was lactating, so he just turned it loose, after letting it stew in the trap for a while with the neighbor's pit bull barking at it. It ceased to be a problem.
    Then, some aggro male cat started invading and fighting with his cats, and raiding their food dish, trying to take over. That cat was caught in the same trap, and exported to the next zip code, and turned loose where it had a lot of coyotes as new neighbors. It ceased to be a problem.;)
  5. Dude if you chase that cat away with a full auto airsoft gun PLEASE video tape it.
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  6. Yes, Please!
  7. When I said, wash them in apple cider vinegar, I suppose I should have been more specific. A half cup in a full washer is sufficient and add your usual detergent.

    I understand your concern, but I own gore-tex coats, pants, waders, and sleeping bag covers. I wouldn't have made the recommendation if there were damaging effects.

    Best of luck finding an alternative if that's the route you end up taking. Hopefully Simms has an effective solution.
  8. Now you're close. My father did that, to racoons and at least one cat. A month later he's having one of these "over the fence" conversations with his neighbor. Dalton says "Swede, my cat had a chip and turned up dead in a road side ditch. The funny thing is that I can't figure out how he got from Suquamish to across the Hood Canal bridge". Beats me Dalton, I don't know.
    Have another true story about a dog the REALLY didn't like cats. But that's a camp fire.
  9. Thanks!! Qualifying that with stuff you've used it on boosts my confidence.
  10. A cat pissed on one of my pairs about 5 years ago. I tried everything and I still complain about that smell every single time I put them on. It will never go away.
  11. I must say I'm actually a little surprised at how much interest cat piss on goretex waders has gotten... I thought I might watch the post go poof below the fold before getting an answer. Really funny.
  12. Because we are guys and think stuff that has to do with peeing and pooping is funny. Especially when its at another persons expense.
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  13. My favorite four words: "Better you than me."

  14. Good news: I can't smell cat pee at all and they're dry. Seems the second washing with baking soda did the trick. And, oh man they are clean! I'm gonna look like some kinda greenhorn out there swatting mosquitos this weekend in fancy spotless G3s! Haha
  15. Hey if you wanna dress up in camo gear, and face paint, I can bring some Jack Daniel's, and we will have a stake out and wait for that god damned cat to come around again. Ill film, and you can unleash your airsoft gun on it. LMAO. This could be the most epic thread this forum has ever seen.

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    Sounds fun!
  17. Heeeere kitty kitty kitty kitty...

  18. Got dog....

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  19. NEED DOG!

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