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  1. sheetfly

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    I've raised my daughters camping around the rivers I like to fish. When it was just us and they were small, hot dogs and pancakes were gourmet grub. Now they are in their twenties and our group has grown. My good friend, his family, my girls friends and their friends. Ever since a friend came and made ten gallons of Cajun Gumbo with a dark roux and a huge tub of rice........Holy crap. The best eatin EVER! It's kinda turnin into a food fest.
    So how about some ideas for outdoor cookin for a group of ten or 12? Got any favorites?
  2. tjf

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    Ice cold Rainier beer, ice cold
  3. Citori

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    Fresh turkey breast tenderloins - marinate in teriyaki, garlic and other good stuff, vaccuum seal until time to cook. Cook just enough on grill...just until tender...hard to beat.
  4. Evan Burck

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    little debbies
  5. Joe Smolt

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    My wife has slow cooked short ribs Yumm. I like making big breakfasts. To me the most memorable aspect of camping is the smell of perculating coffee, bacon, and hash browns in the morning. At home, you won't get me out of bed early. Camping, I am the first person up and cooking away.

    Another fun favorite if you have kids (of all ages) are squid dogs. I learned of them as a late 40 year old. You take hot dogs and cut them lengthwise from about half the length down. When you cook them from a stick, the cut ends coil up like squid tentacles. All you need is black catsup.

  6. Jergens

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    Now were talkin!
  7. ratcitycat

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    deep fried turkey
  8. I would have to third the little debbies or anything like that....and a couple pounds of ground beef
  9. Panhandle

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    Brats, corn-on-the-cobb, and PBR. Aside from the PBR, it's all over the fire..... ..quick, yummy, and easy. Ever so often I'll throw a can of baked beans into the mix if I'm especially hungry. :beer2:
  10. Warren Perry

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  11. rainbow

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    loyds baby back ribs.
  12. Panhandle

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    Yes, Bacon!
  13. Ethan G.

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    I second the bratwurst. I always carry brats as a first night's meal when I'm camping or hiking.
  14. montnative

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    The best meal at a campfire, not to mention finding the perfect rock to cook it on is always a fun part of the day on the river. Side that with your favorite flavor of Bush's beans, and a cold refreshing malted adult bevarage. Then you end the night with a fine bottle of single malt IRISH WHISKEY.That meal is my staple and I look forward to it every time I go fishing:thumb:
  15. constructeur

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    courtesy of BWTF

    I've made this for 3-substituting whitefish for trout, and cloud berries for raspberries from the backyard and it went down a treat :beer2:

    ..heaps of other great recipes on that site as well.
  16. Old Man

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    I've never been one for cooking in the outdoors so when my day is done and I've had a few beers in me I will fire up the Colman and throw a steak in the pan with some salt and pepper. Brown it on both side and eat it with some Red Sauce.

    After that it is lights out.

  17. flybill

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    Mmmmm, Bacon! Everything goes better w/ Bacon!

    For a quick breakfast, my weakness is pop tarts. Frosted strawberry or blueberry!

    A cooked breakfast:
    Hash brown scramble - shredded hashbrowns, eggs, green peppers, onion, mushrooms, sausage or bacon, cheese all cooked together and served with hot salsa and sour cream!

    Corned beef hash and some fried eggs cooked in it!

    Varies a lot, but I like a good marinated flank steak or a simple pasta dish after a long day on the river. Nothing like sitting around the campfire with a good dinner and the drink of your choice! Fire up a cigar afterwards and it's golden!
  18. Panhandle

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    Breakfast: Thick bagel w/ cream cheese and coffee. Quick, no cleaning, and fills the gut.
  19. Scott Salzer

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    Lightly seasoned lamb chops, potato salad & Black Butte Porter.

  20. fredaevans

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    Beat me to it. That said ...... the secret ingredients are ...... Oh hell tell them Fred: Rice wine vinegar and shaved/sliced fresh Ginger.

    But given you/I've spilled the beans, as it were, a different one. Take a huge pile of pork tenderloins/chops, first browned in butter, then into a large pot and covered with cream of mushroom soup. Add sliced Yukon or red spuds, salt/pepper to taste and cook until spuds are done. Side of sliced green beans and you've a food group of the Gods.