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  1. Tin foil meals were the best growing up as a kid camping with the Boy Scouts. Dice up some onions, carrots and potatos. Mix in some burger and season it all with a little butter and Johnny's Seasoning salt. Wrap everything up in tin foil, throw it in the camp fire for about 10minutes and you're good to go. Fast and easy.

  2. I got interested in DOs several years ago and have several sizes. You CAN literally cook anything in one but my favorite usually revolves around a stew or pot roast. I love comfort food. Another favorite is a "dump cobbler" desert. A real crowd pleaser.
    That said though, my MO rolling into camp usually involves a beer and pizza in town (so the first night is greetings and cocktails only) and I always pick up a large Hawaiian pizza for the cooler. Anytime day or night, if I get hungry I can have a pizza snack. I often hike with a Hawaiian too. Has all the food groups, keeps well, good cold, a quick fix, delicious, and no cleanup. Can't get more user friendly in my book.
  3. Brown, Hot and Plenty of it!
  4. tims cascade jalapeƱo chips. bagels with cream cheese. pita bread with hummus, granola and yogurt. bratwurst, coffee, etc.
  5. Supper, dupper, Fresh fish....;)........dand bacon
  6. As a kid, these foods always tasted way better in the Beartooths than they ever could in the backyard or kitchen:
    #1 Brookies, eggs, bacon
    #2 Pork chops, carrots, onions, potatoes, butter in foil
    #3 Beef & barley soup, $1 wheat bread to dunk
    #4 Monster brown trout in foil with garlic, onions, butter
    #5 Percolator coffee, corn flakes, fire to dry off the tent dew, cold log to sit on
  7. Man I'm looking forward to June. My AM plan starts the night before making sure everyone has all they want to drink. Then its up early before the hungover ones, a quick chorizzo egg and cheese scramble in a steaming flour tortilla eaten on the trail to my favorite stretch. Two hours of solo fishin and back to camp before anyone knows I was gone. Then someone gets up and makes a huge breakfast and then the beers come out. Only the dedicated will make it to the evening hatch. Being 50 has its rewards.
  8. Steak, with a side of steak. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale if cool, Ice cold Heineken if warm.

  9. Dutch oven ribs, or dutch oven anything with some cold brew to wash it down. Cast Iron rocks.
  10. Kabobs. Prepare everything at home and then put together and bbq on site. Mmmmm!!
  11. What type of system do you plan to cook with? Over fire, small coleman, big ole grill, what? Makes a big difference. I have about everything you can think of to cook with. From DO's up to super grills and griddles. There is so much you can do, depends on what you have with you to cook with.

    I have an easy vegetable fry that has always been a hit. One of the things always asked to be cooked. Simpy marinate chicken breasts in teriyaki. Then cook them up. Slice up some onions and start to caramelize them while you cut up the chicken. Slice up some yellow, red, and orange sweet peppers and toss them in. Cook vegetables to your preferred taste (some like them near snapping raw, some like them super cooked and bendy) and toss in the chicken. I usually won't add any more teriyaki, but will spice it up a bit. A little cayanne for a kick, or just simple seasoning salt (and can toss in sliced jalapeno's if you like or red pepper flakes for heat instead).

    I like to do a mixture of stuff, mostly since I do alot of camp cookouts and big events (and a TON of deer/elk/fishing camps as well). Deep fried turkey always is a hit. Make sure to season inside and out. If you inject, do it at least 24 hours in advance to let the injection points seal back up (if you do it right before you fry, will sear down into the breast, drying out the turkey). I will bring out my small fryers and do fresh home made french fries, fresh beer battered (onion rings, fries, fish, put whatever in this line lol). I'll also do big fry ups of chicken on my grills.

    For breakfast, I pull out my big griddles. These are restaurant quality, and they're big. So I can do alot on them. I'll cheat a bit here. I'll buy the big thing of OreIda hashbrowns. I can do 1-2 of the 6# bags at a time on each griddle. Of course on the other griddle (I usually run at least 2 at a time) I'll do the bacon, sausage, etc. Then run pancakes, french toast, eggs, etc.

    An easy thing to do is freezer bag omelets. Take heavy duty freezer bags (ones that are about sandwich bag sized) and toss in some whipped eggs. Toss in some cheese, ham, whatever you want in them. Get a big pot of hot water and just toss them in. Take them out occasionally and kneed the bags. Helps stir them up a bit and cook them thoroughly. Wait till they are about solid and pull them out and eat. Depending on your stock pot (I have a few in a variety of sizes) you can do a dozen or so at a time. Helps to have the person write their name on the bags with permanent ink so they know which is theirs.

    Those are a couple quick ones. Have fancier. Seafood stews, SOS, etc. But I even have portable ovens to bake with. LOL.
  12. Thought I'd show part of my camp setup (this is only a small part of the setup lol).

    This is my breakfast setup.

    This is my part of my setup with my bbq box on doing some chicken.
  13. WOW that seems excessive.
  14. Dustin, I do huge cookouts, including hunting and fishing camps of over 30 guys (and some fishing events of over 100 easy). But for a group of 12 or more, it works great, and NO ONE waits for food.

    Oh, and an edit. What you don't see in the chicken cooking picture is to my right is another big stove cooking up french fries and onion rings, and to my left (about where the camera man was standing) was two big deep fryers doing huge pots of soft shelled crabs and deep fried turkeys. LOL
  15. I think I just had a mini heart attack while reading your edit.
  16. LOL Peter. I'm not sure if you mean that as in cholesterol or wanting to eat.
  17. Jerry i'm sure the guys you cook for appreciate it.
  18. Jerry, where do you get soft shell crabs from?
  19. I always opt for a little more effort/weight and pack in a steak (which marinates in a vacuum packed bag) for the first night and then I do Au Gratin Potato mix along with it. There is just something about going to bed completely content that first night that makes the bumps and bruises seem so much less significant.
  20. So when do you want to go fishing?

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