SFR Favorite meals when camping

Discussion in 'Camping, Hiking, Cooking' started by sheetfly, May 10, 2008.

  1. Hot links and scrambled eggs for the morning, keeping it simple.
    Water or booze for lunch. Dinner is up for grabs?
    Good luck.
  2. I second the dutch oven. Roast beef with all the trimmings after a day chasing fish can't be beat.

    Jerry, you are off the charts!
  3. Dang Jerry that's awesome!! I (we) have the double burner camp chef, several colemans. Gonna get the BBQ box for the camp chef. Also am going to get the Dutch Oven thing going but still have to learn it.
    Awesome responses. I'm pumped for some fish camp partying!
  4. Spitz,Fried Chicken & Beer. Don't matter what brand as long as it is cheap or free !!!
  5. Sheetfly, I'd suggest you getting the Super Grill box for that double burner camp chef. It's awesome, and has lots of clearance for bigger foods.

    Yeah, I get asked to go fishing alot, but normally on weekend or longer trips (I won't carry that much for just a day trip). Have a big event coming up Memorial weekend (well, that depends on how many guys show up for springer fishing).

    I actually was doing that for the gear board I help run (I do a fly and a gear board as a moderator). One of the guys on the board flew in for a big event on the Cowlitz last year (he came from Washington DC) and brought the soft shelled crabs (which I LOVE!!!!!!!). I'm hoping he makes it to this years event too.

  6. Now why can't I hear from people like you at church????
  7. Good stuff Jerry. Bet your glass is always full. Would be in my camp anyway.
    If you ever get pressed into WFF service, I can help in the DO pantry. Heck, I'd slice n chop just to hang in your kitchen.

  8. Toss it all in a pan in the morning, cook it, eat, then go fishing. That's about as good as it gets. Dinner always depends on how tired I am from fishing. Could be just a sandwich or we might cook up a tasty Double D rib eye.

    Jerry, pretty impressive set up but a bit too extravagent for me. It ain't about the food, it's about the fishing!
  9. LOL PT. You can still fish and cook. I've been camp cook in numerous elk and deer camps and still tagged and brought home my own animals. Same goes for fishing. I've spent years doing long days of fishing, but starting the day with big meals and ending with big meals, but rowing and fishing inbetween. Plus, if you know what you're doing it's fast. So why do a small "ok" meal when you can do a full scale meal that makes you go "ahhhhhhh" afterwards.
  10. Oh, and David. Would gladly have you help out. I have the hot plates for the DO's on the big burner stoves.
  11. What i want to know is how you get to be on a camp cooking pro staff! thats bad ass!
  12. LOL Jergens. Been doing the cooking thing for years. Then started doing yearly cooking events (some up to 300 people). A few things transpired, and next thing I knew I was put up on their prostaff (it helped already using their gear and raving about it). Helps if you do alot of big events and help promote their stuff.

    I should add this as well. I do the camp cook duties, I learned from my Dad (who also balanced cooking and fishing/hunting). Now, I only bring out all the big guns and big time cooking for special events (events like the Hoh trip I unfortunately had to miss). I only do those type of fishing events like 5 times a year (where there are like 50+ guys/gals). That's where I bring out 3 or 4 stoves, tons of misc cooking toys, and really cook in overdrive (yet, I still find time to fish as well). Most of the time at most of my normal weekend trips with friends, it's one big meal in the AM as the sun comes up, and one huge dinner when we come off the water. One fun thing about a yearly fishing event on the Cowlitz, my stove is running all night long!!!!!! Since the Cowlitz has night fishing, guys come and go in shifts. We get alot of soldiers who are home on leave from Iraq, and I cater to them all night long as they come and go. I normally fish all day, then fire up my grills around 4-5pm. Then I probably shut the last stove off somewhere around 3am (normally having a few "drinks" as we go and sitting around the camp fire).

    It's all about balance. I guess my thing (and one thing that put me on the prostaff) was I can make good food fast and still balance what I love doing (fishing and hunting).

    I'm hoping to make it to a WFF event. Sucked I had to miss the Hoh trip (my father in law passed). Hopefully the next one I'll be firing up the grill and taking the drift boat out. :)
  13. if you really want to go nuts, try cooking in a dutch oven. You can make everything from beef stroganoff to peach cobbler.
  14. Well since the thread has gone sideways a bit (heaven forbid).

    Jerry, I just wanna see Bobby Flay roll in and offer a camp "throw down".
    Wouldn't that be fun.

    FYI - I normally use coals and stack the DOs but a raised surface would be stylin.
  15. Cast Iron cooked cornbread coverd with sliced peaches, baked tater wrapped in foil and tossed in the fire, and a fillet cooked on a soaked alder plank tossed on top of the coals. Followed by a lot of beer or scotch.
  16. It's Hood Canal shrimp season, and that always reminds me of the best camping meal I ever ate. A friend of mine gave me a bucket of fresh spot prawns and told me his favorite way to cook them was to marinate them in Zesty Italian salad dressing and then cook them over and open fire. It just so happened that I was fishing a little lake above Sol Duc Hot Springs the following day. So the prawns soaked up the dressing in my cooler all day while I hiked and fished. That night, my girlfriend and I roasted them over the fire on skewers like they were hot dogs. I have absolutely no words for how incredible they were. But we had salad dressing dripping off our chins and huge grins on our faces as long as they lasted. A close second great meal was a late supper I made in the Hoh campground with the jambalaya that the late Tom Embrey, Port Townsend's beloved Cajun butcher, used to sell at Aldriches. Tom also used to sell every kind of home made sausage you can imagine and smoked half and whole chickens. I can't tell you how many campfire meals I cooked with food made by Tom.
  17. IPA..period/with cheap soup if needed. :)

  19. Breakfast can wait until the hatch or rise is off.

    (Just kidding...sometimes.)

    Corned beef hash with eggs cooked on top, runny.
    a slice 'o toast to soak up the yolks
    Coffee (sometimes with a wee bit 'O the Irish in it)
    OJ or fruit

    sardines n saltines with a little box of raisins for brunch.

    COLD beer and a Turkey and tomato sandwich for lunch, with a big, crisp, juicy dill pickle.

    Tenderloins (Elk or deer, or beef if nothing else) and baked potatoes (in the camp fire coals), with a tomato, onion, feta, spinach, and cucumber salad for dinner.
    Single Malt Scotch (Islay)

    BTW: Jerry is an impressive host! Holy cow...I bow to the Master of the Cardiac Arrest Blue Plate Special.
  20. What can I say, I love to cook. LOL. I can also make heart friendly stuff, but who eats that while they're camping? LOL.

    I love cooking with all sorts of cast iron. I love DO's. Used to cook with them alot. I'm in the process of retiring (and sort of retiring) alot of my cast iron. Most of it is my great grandparents from the 1800's. Then sold off all the stuff I bought on top of that. Will have a few more DO's.

    I like the stacking of the DO's too. Take less coals that way (unless you need alot of heat on the bottom and less on the top of the other). I vary up, depending on where I'm at and what I have handy. Have used everything from charcoal to actual wood embers. I'm going to try running the propane stove version with charcoal on top once I do my big order for new cast iron. See how it works.

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