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    Oh and David. Yeah, that would be funny if he showed up for a throw down. I'd be game, but he'd probably kick my arse. It would be the day I'm only serving hot dogs and home made fries. ;)
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    There is nothing better than the slow cooking of a good dutch oven. There is one other item we have to enjoy while in the great outdoors...Camping beans. Everyone has their secret recipes... care to share? Here is mine

    1 Big Can of Campbell Pork n Beans

    1lb Bacon cut into big pieces

    1 Medium to large sized onion

    1/4 Cup Sugar

    1/4 Cup Vinegar

    Brown the bacon and then add the onions cook until the onions have a light crunch left

    Drain the grease and add the vinegar and sugar making sure you get all of the good stuff off of the bottom of the pan.

    Pour in the beans and let it heat to a low bubble..... boil is too hot.

    People will begin to turn their heads and walk over to your camp to say hello when the vinegar and sugar go into the mix... these beans are incredible, and simple to make. Try it out, you won't be sorry.

    Ohh I almost forgot to mention the secret ingredient; single malt! It helps you make the beans correctly... the Glenmorangie keeps you in the right frame of mind while cookin, the beans helps your hunger and keeps you in fishing shape for another day.