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  1. I thought it would be fun to hear about how photography plays a role in your fishing routine. I notice that many catch and release fishers like to photograph there trophy's and I think that is excellent.

    I myself shoot with a DSLR and not taking it if im wading. At some point I plan to buy a underwater point and shoot, because that seems much better suited and creates many more interesting compositions (from the middle of the river, at waterline, or underwater all become possible).

    I dont worry to much about the lower image quality that is found in a point and shoot. It can easily be made up for with just having good lighting and a few basic computer skills. Hmm, Speaking of computer skills... do any of you still stick to film? If so do u scan and print, or do you still work in the dark room.

    Anyways, this thread is to discuss all topics involved in fly fishing photography. Also, if you would like tips or anything feel free to post your pictures! I plan to as my ability to catch fish increases :beer2:
  2. I also shoot with a DSLR and while I often have it with me on fishing trips I never have it out on the water with me. Sometimes if the fishing is slow I will often just stick to taking pictures.
  3. I just got a Canon S53S just before the grande ronde trip. This is the most amazing camera I have ever owned. It is also the most expensive one too.

    I do almost nothing with it and it takes great pics 99% of the time. I do want to get a polarized lense for it though.
  4. when in and around natural light + water a polarized filter and and 2 stop graduated neutral denisty filter are, imo, two of the best tools for landscape photography. The only thing i really say is above them is the tripod and the camera itself.

    Do any of you shoot with a SLR camera and a waterproof case?
  5. Purchased a Nikon D40x this past summer. Trying to learn both the camera, its abilities and editing on the 'puter. Don't take many fish shots but do a lot of shooting while on a fishing trip.
  6. Took my very small, slim Exilim point-n-shoot this summer to the Elk. Thankfully I did not drop it in the water and got some sweet pics (see one below). Then I got cocky and decided to get a picture of a nice fish on my cell phone camera...hooked a large cutt, standing thigh deep in the run, the fish swims between my legs and I instinctively reach down to grab the line and...ooops, forgot to use my other hand without the cell phone in it! :( Cell phones really don't like water...


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  7. Personally, I wish I had someone just to go along and take pictures of where and what I'm fishing for. I love fishing trip shots, but sometimes can't decide when to take a picture or fling another cast. Sometimes it takes too long for a trout to calm down so I could take a decent pic (that's about the only thing I miss about bass fish'n':)).
  8. I'm gonna put in a little plug for the website I help run (and that pays my mortgage) It's a good place to learn more about photography and photographic equipment. If you go back and read my first posts from 1998, I'm asking a lot of beginner questions. From there I went on to shoot extreme sports across the USA (and some in Europe), did commercial photography for various companies, and have done 50+ weddings in the past few years. Now I'm the Director of Community and a Contributing Editor at

    I have a waterproof camera backpack coming, with an eye on taking my dSLRs with me on some fishing trips and learning to shoot "fishing" photos. But that's just me, I like to conquer a new photographic style every so often (the other year it was weddings).

    For my personal fishing snapshots, I take my little waterproof Pentax Optio.

    (Chris, if the plug is uncool, just delete the thread. No stress on my end.)
  9. Im willing to go any fri, sat or sun for the next year. In excahnge I would just ask for some fishing knowledge and a carpool or some help on gas. I will also carry your lunch.
  10. hey. i love too, but ill be honest i haven't subscribed yet. I get really annoyed by how many people manipulate image ratings. With that said... how are the elves?
  11. I have a Canon 20D for a DSLR. I use this when the Weather is nice and I can get good shots without destroying the camera. It is hard to use this camera when guiding because I cannot get it out in time.

    I bought a Pentax W30 waterproof this summer. This camera is pretty cool. Small, Waterproof, and easy to use. Underwater shots are Awesome with this Camera.

    I take a lot of pictures while in Alaska during the summer and in Washington while Fishing. There is always something to take a picture of while out fishing.
  12. Oh we're fine.

    The image rating thing is a big job to fix. I'm coming up with a plan now, but it's still going to take a while. Besides, ratings are junk anyway. Find a mentor and ask them questions. Random people on the internet are just going to give you random opinions.
  13. I have a Canon Rebel XT and a few lens that I use up to the water's edge. I enjoy using the camera as it is like a point in shoot for that quick shot, but if I want to go manuel for a custom-I can. In the water I just purchased the Pentax Optio 30, it's a great camera that has almost the same MP rating as my Canon. I'm still trying to get used to all the modes this little camera has to offer. :thumb:
  14. Dustin, that's pretty gracious of you. I live 'bout 30 mins South of Portland, but if I do fish somewhere reasonably inbetween our areas I'll PM you.
  15. I noticed most of you flyfishers that have an underwater point and shoot have chosen the Pentax brand. I have an Olympus725SW which I am content with, but was wondering if the Pentax takes better photos? One of the reasons I got the Olympus was that it also claimed to be shockproof as well - which it has been for me, but is that something that most underwater cameras have?
  16. Any suggestions for a polarized lense for my Canon s53s? I dont need a one beeeelion dollar lense either. Just one that will work and be a quality product.

    I am so far out of my league here that I really don't have any idea where to start. I did find a P-lense that is made by canon for about $120 but before I spend money I would like a couple opinions.
  17. Jeremy, what size is your lens?
    I got a CPL, 8x ND filter off of that auction website for a pretty good price.
    Check your PM.
  18. Oops I got the numbers wrong up top.

    I have a Canon Powershot S51S and it says it is a 58mm lense. There is a "system map" that came with the camera and it doesn't have any specific polarized lenses listed but it does list a canon aftermarket conversion lense adapter LAH-DC20 but I do not know if that mates with the P-lense or not. Then it lists a Wide converter (wtf?) WC-DC58A and a tele-converter (wtf again) TC-DC58B and then a close up lense 500D.
  19. For your S5 IS, you are going to need to get the LAH-DC20 lens adapter if you want to mount a polarizer. The polarizer will need to be a 58mm size, and probably a circular polarizer as well (non-circular polarizers sometimes will screw up autofocus function).

    A "wide" converter is just a big lens that screws on the front of your camera and gives you a wider view than the lens normally would. Good for stuff like tight indoor shooting or big expansive nature shots. A "tele" converter is just the opposite, it makes your camera more like a pair of binoculars (only not so powerful) and helps you take photos of things that are far away.

    Here's a photo of what a camera looks like with a wide lens attached (this is not the specific canon lens):
  20. pictures should show the fish and not the idiot holding it...

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