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  1. Yep, i'll be sticking close to home as well, but fishing just about as much.

    Within an hour's drive? Add to that 50 lakes about a dozen rivers and streams and some nice Puget Sound beaches, and I'm not going cry over it too much.

    As for carpooling to fishing? Not for me. I ride a vanpool to work most days, or work from home. I chose to live where I do so I can be minutes away from some of my favorite salmon and steelhead water at a moments notice (as in when the rivers drop in shape and fresh fish have just moved in).
  2. GT - As a whole, the airline industry hasn't made money since deregulation. The cause of this? Competition. The only way deregulation hinders competition is when a monopoly or in some cases an oligopoly is formed. You can not tell me that is the case yet in the oil industry. As soon as the goverment comes in to regulate the oil industry the innovation currently being seen toward alternative fuels is going to be gone. It will feel good for us for a little while... but it will hurt like hell when the world's oil supply is really dwindling and we don't have any alternatives. Also, what reason do the oil companies have to pump out oil at full capacity now when they know the supply is limited and the price is probably going to go up? That would be like you and me being forced to sell all of our investments when we feel like they are underpriced and we are pretty certain they will be going up in value.

    I think 10 years from the the options we will have for driving to our favorite fishing spots will make us look back and laugh at hoping we could get 30mpg. We will be far beyond that.
  3. innovation in alternative forms of energy is NOT going to happen courtesy of the gas and oil industry, no matter what you see on TV. its going to take a government funded program, similar to the original space program, to get us moving onto alternative energy.

    airlines USED to compete before they were deregulated. they were profitable, flew on time, cared about the customer and most of the time were very responsive to a travellers needs. today, there is NO competition, only a few big corporations who don't compete as they have all chopped the market place apart to protect their most profitable routes.

    then there were the telephone companies who actually would come out to your home and install, without additional expense, an operator you could chat with and ask questions of, without additional charge, and the list goes on and on........

    deregulation of key industries has not produced competition or increase services. any industry that is crucial to the entire population of this country needs careful government operated supervision to keep what is going on right now, that is greed, from occurring at the consumers expense.

    you'all can thank ronald rayguy for this down hill slide and all the others who followed him for doing not a damn thing on behalf of the ordinary citizens in this country.
  4. I've been putting off making my own biodiesel, but may go for it soon. Another option is buying a motorscooter. Ha. But, it sure would make sense if one lane on the freeways could be designated for electric cars, scooters, mopeds, and bicycles. I guarantee they would fill up fast. How many times have you seen some program on TV showing some foreign country downtown streets jam packed with them? The good life is over as far as pleasure driving is concerned. I'll still take a few trips to Idaho fly fishing my heart out until it kills me I suppose... Big Oil and corporations are going to bleed us to the end. They will continue to "kill" the electric car as long as possible because there is "too much money" to be make selling AUTOPARTS! Big Business! Air filters, gas filters, hoses, spark plugs, on and on......Big Bucks! The big auto makers are not going to jump too quickly at producing electric cars as far as I see.
  5. Just talked to my buddy in diesel school (Wyotech). He confirmed there will be a twin turbo diesel F-150 in a year or two getting about 47 mpg. That's what happens when you put big motors in small things.
  6. If I don't remember right, but didn't the Government have a lid on the cost of gasoline back in the 70's. They took the lid off at the request of the oil companys and the price of gas has been skyrocketing ever since.

    Or was this just one of my pipe dreams.

  7. I can already tell that gas prices will be affecting the amount of time I fish this summer and winter. The only places where I travel to fish are for steelhead and salmon and we are hauling a 17ft aluminum Koffler with a motorcycle on the back, and that brings our milage down quite a bit. Too bad theres not many really local places to fish aroud where I live, looks like I will have to start exploring.:( One would really invest in steelheading if they bought a smaller pontoon and strapped it to the top of a car that gets a good 40miles per gallon.

  8. I think the answer is to simply change expectations and lifestyle.....esentially roll with the punches of high prices. Drive a more fuel effient car, smaller boat. Drive by 3 Rivers Marine in Woodenville. Every other vehicle in the parking lot is a 3/4 tonne jacked up with 37s on them....driven by dudes that are 25. Thats representive of most peoples lifestyle expectation of cheap fuel to drive gas hogs. I expect gasoline to be $7.00 a gallon in the next 5 years so I am simply changing my lifestyle. Do I expect the government to cap prices...NO.....WHY...because tax payers would be paying the difference between the cost of crude and the capped price of refined gasoline. In this case I guess only people who pay alot of tax would be incentivesed to conserve on fuel.
  9. Your buddy needs to study harder. Ford themselves are predicting a 20% increase in fuel economy over an F150 with the 5.4 V8 (a 20% increase in 20 mpg highway would net about 24 mpg, not 47 mpg).

    It certainly would be nice if 5500 pound pick up trucks with the aerodynamics of a shoebox and 330 hp diesel engines got better MPG than 3000 pound Jetta's with 120 hp diesels, but the laws of physics just don't work that way.

    If it did, my wife's 2006 Jetta TDI should be pushing 80 mpg. That sure would be nice, but it ain't reality.
  10. My fiance and I both drive diesels, me a truck and her a VW Beattle. I'm not going to let the price of fuel stop me from fishing, unless the prices become completely ridiculous... not sure where my breaking point is yet.

    I am, however, looking into producing my own bio-diesel. I've just started researching it, but have been running bio in both of our vehicles whenever possible. It looks that there could be a significant saving if I was to put up the initial investment to get it up and running. We'll see, it may be a pipe dream depending on the effort involved.

  11. Sounds like total BS. A link or something besides your buddy's word is necessary to backup such an unrealistic claim.

    These gas prices don't have any affect on my fishing. However, I just read that a barrel of oil will cost $225 in 2012. So $10 gas is not far off. May have to sell my Tundra. Nah!
  12. Yes, get out. An unstable Iraq will certainly decrease gas prices!:)
  13. good topic, here is my 5 cents....

    I am paid BELOW poverty level at a government job and the effect of gas prices and fishing trips hits very close to home for me. Hmm, let me rephrase that... i must fish VERY CLOSE TO HOME. I have second thoughts about going anywhere over 30 minutes away because the combined pressures of gas, food, and rent pretty much does me in. I still try to fish as much as possible, but I cant afford to take advantage of my three day weekends because the cost of travel is prohibitive. So..... with that said, If anyone ever has an extra seat feel free to invite me :p
  14. oh and fuck oil. its time for bicycles to make a comeback anyway....

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