SFR: Gas Prices and Fishing Trips

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by 509, Apr 22, 2008.

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    Or you can backup a bit and thank the man from Plains, Georgia for deregulating the airline, trucking, and rail industries and starting the deregulation of oil which was finished under Rayguy.

    Back on topic though, I count myself lucky in that I have a job that reimburses me the IRS 2008 rate of 50.5 cents per mile for using my personal vehicle for business use. The rate is intended to cover fixed and variable costs of operating a vehicle including fuel. I usually drive enough business miles on a monthly basis to cover fuel costs for both business and non-business driving, including fishing.

    It’s getting ugly though. I read in the paper where a food bank in Kitsap County had a hole drilled in the 30-gallon fuel tank of their delivery truck. The culprits got away with some fuel but most of it leaked to the underlying soil. Not only is the food bank out the fuel, they have to repair the truck and pay for the cleanup of the spill. Just another thing to worry about when leaving your car to go fishing.
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    Hell yeah.
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    Got to go gas my car so I can go fishing, In my boat that uses no gas..

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    So what does it actually cost (gas only) to drive your car/truck/SUV? Heard an interesting blurb a few weeks back that gives you a 'true cost' (ignoring insurance, maintain., etc).

    Take your 'MPG' and divide that into the cost of a gallon of fuel. This gives you 'cost per mile' for fuel. Scary stuff at $3.65.9/gallon.bawling: Even worse was when I "did the numbers" for my motor home ...... .75 cents per mile to drive my rolling condo.:eek:
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    I'm harshing on all the gas guzzlers, big time. Thsi will offend many of you. so what.
    Nobody should drive a gas hog unless they really need the power. All these I-5er people commuting solo in their Gas-hog TANKS are a huge part of the demand side and add greatly to the demand that keeps prices high. If you don't really need the horsepower, do the rest of us a favor and get rid of that wasteful beast. Why do you all need a tank? What are you all afraid of?

    We need to fully embrace mass transit in our urban zones.

    Make more streets bike friendly. Bikes are more comfortable to ride now.

    Ban Nascar and other stupid race car insanities that are completely unnecessary, and muscle cars and any automotive advertising that encourages fast, big and powerful crap that we don't really need and are no longer viable in this day and age... and only serve to encourage more automotive stupidity among the "easily marketed to masses."

    There isn't any conspiracy. It is supply and demand. Quit demanding the stupid gas hogging macho image crap you don't need, and maybe the automakers will give us something better. They are manufacturing and marketing what they think will sell to us. We have been buying the gas hogs, and they give us more. Why not? The crap sells, doesn't it? If it sells, more of the same will appear in the showrooms.

    I suggest that we just say "no" and let all new gas hogs rust on the new car lots, no matter how much discounting is used to try to pawn that crap off on us....the car sales agents will try to tell you that gas prices might probably come down in the future... and "then you will have one helluva deal." More lies.

    Supply and demand.

    I'm camping out for at least two days on anything over 100 miles. Round trip...200 miles towing a boat is at least $25 or $30 worth of gas, so spreading that over two days helps pay for the campsite...I'd rather see the camp site operator get my $$ than the oil companies.

    rant rant rant....:mad:
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    I just can't believe it. I gased up my truck yesterday and I paid $3.58.9 a gallon so today when I went to Butte I topped off my tank and the price of gas went up $.10. Where is this shit going to end.

    Since everything in this state is close by, I almost have to top it off to get around. Closest gas station is 18 miles from home. But I don't think that I would live anyplace else at this time in my life.

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    That's true and it's almost never mentioned in all the reporting I've seen about the rising cost of gas. While there is a lot of moaning and groaning about the cost of gas, I don't see people's behavior changing on the Highway. Perhaps Kent's point above is why. While driving back from North Central WA today, I was passed by nearly everyone on Highway 97 and I-90. While I was going a fuel efficent 60-65mph in my high mileage 4 cylinder, I was being passed by almost everyone. Most on I-90, were doing 75+ mph with most of the fastest drivers in huge trucks and SUVs, many of them also hauling trailers/boats/ATV's. I can only image what their trip fuel costs are driving at those speeds. My little car costs $50 to fill up now. One of the only cars on the road driving my speed today and not wasting gas happened to be a man and woman in a sweet looking Bentley.
    My fishing trips this year will be more limited due to having a infant/toddler at home than the price of gas. But a combination of both will result in me fishing closer to home. I'm already planning to car pool with buddies and if I travel some distance, I'll fish a couple days in an area instead of a long day trip from home.
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    Hey guys I have a deal for you. Anyone want to buy my 36' gas powered, Ford V-10, motorhome. I have kept it in excellent shape. No, oh hell then the wife and I are going to make one last run this year from Washington to Michigan. I figure It will be around two grand for fuel. Since the president is going to give me $1200 bucks it really is only going to cost us around $800. Ah thats what it would have cost before the speculaters started bidding up the price.

    Now lets see, I'll stop for a few days and fish the Madison. Next I'll stop in the UP of Michigan and fish a little. Finally we will arrive in Traverse City, MI where my brother-in-law and I will hit some of the great rivers in Michigan.

    After that it will be fishing the local beaches and lakes around puget sound.

    Mike L :beer2: