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  1. (Sort of Fishing related) Alright I got the munchies like a M0F0 right now. My quesiton to you guys is when you stop at that ARCO AM/PM or local gas station on the way to the river, do you stop and peek in the Hotcase? And for those who peek, who falls for the slow death of coronary artery and peripheral vascular disease? I know there are some healthier choices on the counter like Hostess Donetts, Snickers Bars, Hohos and Granny B Sugar Cookies on the counter, but the Hotcase has all three meals of the day and its warm.


    I personally love me some fried chicken. There is nothing like the overcooked greese on some pigeon in the morning to get the old gut started. Add a Diet Rockstar because I am watching my waistline grow and some Redman Chew to kill the pain that my wading belt is putting on my growing abdomen and I am good to go.

    What do you guys eat from the greaseline?
  2. Since I am on the fly usually I get my coffee at the local Starbucks on the way out of West Seattle. There I get my road trip coffee and either donut/muffin or the fruit/cheese/bread platter<< if I'm feeling healthy.
    Down below the donut/muffin case they have sandwiches that i like, mostly the turkey with cranberries. From home I bring my small lunch cooler with ice packs to keep things cold and pack some pistachio's/nuts and a power/cliff bar. One thing I learned climbing is that you want to pack food that would be really good to eat because for some reason when you are exerting a lot of energy the body isn't usually hungry, and though some might question fishing as over exertion, they haven't waded or walked a river for 8-12 hours. I mainly just want to fish, not eat, so I pack the good stuff. I always have a pallet of water (arrowhead) that I get at Costco in my car, so I drink that and carry one in my check pack with my fly boxes. I almost have to remind myself to drink water because I think I'm not thirsty till I'm totally dehydrated. When I'm headed back from fishing I like to stop at the local gas station and get the hot food Mike mentioned (corndog w/ mustard, beef and cheese, beef and bean or my favorite...BBQ burrito), or stopping at a Mexican restaurant is pretty nice to....Carne Asada w/ corn tortillas!
  3. If you Seattle / Eastsiders are heading East stop at exit 34 / truck town and in the 76 (? - 1st gas station) is Rhodies. While it's no Dixies they do have a large and very good BBQ brisket sandwich.

    Glad I could help to give an option that may keep one of you decent folks out of the hotcase. :)
  4. No shit? Brisket at a gas station...genius. I often fall victim to one or more of the following: deep fried burritos, deep fried chicken strips, deep fried potatoes. I think I stop at the gas station in Fall City every time I am out there and pick up a burrito or two. Almost every time I get offered a second one for free; I don't think they are hot sellers.
  5. Damn Stephen. You need to plan your drive based on the location of the local taco wagon. I thought Fall City had one down there?
  6. Zingers, Diet Coke, and Baby Ruth candy bars. No special order. Plus I also take a cooler along to keep my Coke cold. Nothing like an ice cold pop on a hot summer day. Tried other foods, but candy bars and pop are the easiest things around.

  7. Used to hit the 2for99 deal at am/pm when I was pouring concrete. Back then you carried the orange & blue am/pm thirsty-two ouncer bottle (largest size you could get at the time). Fill it for next to nothing + add the 2for99 dogs. A little mustard and those am/pm chopped onions aged to perfection...
    That gift would keep on giving and giving.. [​IMG]
  8. Pb&j's all the way. don't have to keep em cold, can smash em and who cares. You can put em together half asleep... Now on the way home is a differnts story... Choke and Puke food all the way. :clown:
  9. I love PBJs. Was raised on them. God help me I love a hot dog too. Even cheap ones.
    But my secret weapon is the hawaiian pizza. I stop for a lunch/dinner and a beer and grab a giant hawaiian to go. Keeps in the cooler for two days easily. Good cold. No mess. No cooking or gear (except for the coffee pot and a single burner). Takes food prep out of the equation. I sometimes hike with one divided with wax paper in a gallon freezer bag.
    I also once went on a two dayer by stopping at McDs and getting 22 cheeseburgers to go. I survived but don't recommend it.
  10. I gotta add one more thing that I forgot. (this happens when you get old). Corn Dogs. Them and lots of mustard. Ymmmmmmmm:thumb: :thumb:

  11. Grilled Stuft Burrito fron Taco Bell. Wash it down with some warm diet coke left over in the cup holder from the day before... that's good eatin'! Saves money for more tying materials too!
  12. You guys got to get with the times. A couple hot pockets from your local store wrapped heavy in foil and laid on top of your engine so that you do not have to stop of at the gas station for food. By the time you get to were you are fishing the food will be cooked and ready. Learned this little trick snowmobiling. This way stopping for food does not cut into your fishing time. If you get a hot dog cooker for snow mobiles {about $30} you can also cook things like polish sausages etc. Just must sure the engine does not leak oil were you lay your food on the engine and use plenty of foil. Four or more layers is best.
  13. .....okay, NOW I know why we have been discussing colonoscopys lately!

  14. I always hit up the hot case on a fishin trip. I go for the pizza sticks and the deep fried mushrooms if you can find them. Any hot case worth it's salt should have some decent burritos inside also. Round it out with some water or gatorade and a tin of Copenhagen (only when I'm fishin) and it's time to hit the water. My friend always brings along some EZ Cheese. Not my cup o' tea but it works for him.
  15. Never! I don't buy any cased food at gas stations. Maybe a bag of chips once in a while, and a soda or bottle of water if I ran out.

    I pack my own lunch for fishing same as for going to work. Usually a deli sandwich I make myself, pastrami or roast beef, but sometimes ham or chicken. Havarti, provelone, or Swiss cheese, Plochman's mustard (I like the horseradish kick) and mayo, and lettuce on a whole grain bread. Some fruit and cookies and one or two bottles of water, and I'm good to go. Scotch flask is a permanant fixture in my backpack anytime I need a pick me up from the cold. I switch to microbrew when the weather warms up.

    It's not like I treat my body like a temple. I just like good food. Life is too short to drink cheap wine. Same goes for cheap beer and bad food. I wouldn't eat a burger from McD or BK unless starving, altho breakfast from McD is passable.

    For dinner on the road, I pass the fast food joints and their predictable quality and seek out local cafes. If the majority of the local clientele are overweight, I look for one where they aren't. The food won't be greasy, and is often quite good.

    Life is short. Good food and drink is a gift from heaven. Fishing is time spent in paradise. Why settle for crap?

  16. Taco Wagons: In Burlington, next to the McDonald's just before you climb onto I-5 south; In Monroe, across from the Ace Hardware coming out of Reformatory; across from All About The Fly coming off the Sky; In Ellensburg, in town, near the KFC coming off the Yakima.

    Fill your stomach and get gas all at the same time.

  17. These days its a ziplock of hippie mix (trail mix), perferably with dried fruit and chocolate, and a ziplock of the jerky made from the deer I arrowed this year. And yes the hotcase is usually on the menu at some point.
  18. I haven't seen a taco wagon in Fall City. I hit up the burger joint every once in a while, but their fries are bunk. Good to know about those stands in Burlington and Monroe. There's also a good sit down Mexican joint just down the street from AATF. Also, Diehard and his pops introduced me to a great BBQ spot in Burlington called Double Barrel BBQ; right on the side of the road in Burlington, can't miss it to/from the Skagit.

    Back to the gas station. I fall victim to the "fresh" sandwiches in the cold case when there is no hot case. These are even worse than the things in the hot case.
  19. Leland, you spilled the beans (pun alert! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ) on that bit of gold! A lot of those taco wagons deliver some serious grinds. I've been to the one in Ellensburg, and it is very good. Don't forget who are cooking on the inside of those coaches. You're getting the real deal!

    That aside, for me, Hotcase = Cringe! If I look, it's out of morbid curiousity.
  20. Used to fish the HELL outta the snocrummy, so the mandatory stop was at "Small Fryes"...that place still around? That used to be the "11am bite"

    On trips north of town, the Arlington AM/PM was the first stop...south was the AM/PM past Tacoma, before oly...

    The cheeseburger, aka the Puck or a MurdaBurga, was De Rigeur for early anadromous denizen missions. 2 of those Bad Larrys, with as many condiments and soggy pickles/onions that would fit back in the wrapper, and away for Aberdeen we would go.

    Now my weakness is chicken wings...not the sectioned and basted crap, but whole, deepfried wings. Along with the waterjug, a victory beer, and a half-gallon of gatorade, I pack 8-10 wings into the drysack for all-day boat-trips...but if I had an AM/PM around...


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