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  1. Mr Buehler,

    I beg to differ. I have seen on numerous occasions gentlemen with one leg, one eye, and body otherwise shaped like a pear, attached to an oxygen tank by means of a plastic pipe affixed to their walrus-haired nostrils at the very same Seattle VA I describe in the above post. These gentlemen, once proud warriors for our fine nation, may be clad in the thinnest of hospital robes, and as they scrape their way down the hall, ass hanging out the back of their open robes, scalped tennis balls cushioning the slide of their walker, their good eye is almost certainly fixed on some of that fried chicken I describe above.

    Perhaps you are correct in one sense, that fowl chicken has sat and morphed from nasty frozen pube-covered hunk of crap into a golden, salty, greasy delicacy by means of a ferocious cauldrun of noxious oils of palm, crisco, rendered beef and decades of spit and hate from short-order cooks (you were one also?) with what social workers discribe as "issues."

    But what emerges from the hell of that fry-o-later my young friend, is a nugget of nutritional nirvana.

    These men have cheated death a hundred times, although they may appear fragile, they, like junkies, are virtually indestructable. And the secret...

    well if you can't figure that out you deserve to lie awake at night worrying about something as mild and non-threatening as a chicken thigh coated in crisp deliverence...

    I have done it again, I am craving the chicken...and a cigarette...
  2. Well written, Boot! Sickening. But well written. Keep up the good work, Ive
  3. LOL!!!! Like my mom said, "There is little hope for the addicted."

    So eat your chicken man! It is your Goddamn right!

    I can only speak for myself, and thinking about the stuff makes me need to puke, but if you want, you should get that fingerlickin' chicken because it is your right. I wouldn't want it any other way. :thumb:
  4. Ahhh, foooooooooood. Gotta love fishing food. I can agree to a point with Salmo, but a bit different. I always pack my lunch for a trip, and if we eat breakfast it's either at home or we'll stop at a local diner on the way (depending on the river). BUT......on the way home after a long day on the river we'll go two routes. We either stop at one of the local greasy burger joints (the old Stop in Go in Monte used to be one of the best years ago, has slid a bit over the years) or would stop at one of the food joints inside a gas station (like Monte Square or one of the several in Elma for example). Love the deep fried chicken, gizzards, etc. LOVE deep fried pizza pockets. LOL. Just a small treat on the way home.

    Hell, it's funny about this food. I remember working at a small Mom & Pops market/deli/meat market in Milton called "Lee's Food Center" back in the early 80's. I remember we'd take some of the meat from the locker (and chickens as well) and pressure cook them in oil, freshly battered. We had a small case back then, but were the hit of Milton, Edgewood, Fife, and parts of Tacoma back then (don't recall seeing alot of those cases like that back then). Freshly cut jo's as well. Man, I can feel my arteries hardening now. LOL. Will say though, it was different at our place, Lee's only made fresh (no frozen tossed into the fryer). Plus, bennie with old man Lee, he'd give me beer to take home with the extras left over after the shift was done. LOL
  5. Oh man, when I was down in New Zealand they had meat pies. Literally in every gas station instead of burritos or corndogs they would have about 1/2 a dozen to 2 dozen options for meat pies. Some of the best included mince (half beef half mutton, and I DO mean mutton, not lamb) steak and cheese, and curry chicken. They are all handheld and a serious gut bomb, but oh so good! I kinda miss them, they also had these things called "lasagna toppa" which is basically a square of lasagna, minus the noodles. Than the thing is breaded and fried, so all it really consists of is cheese, ground beef, a little tomato sauce and bread crumbs, no wonder I put on 20 pounds when I was there. And thank goodness for the dysentery in India to shave those 20 pounds off before I got home...
  6. You are not out of luck, "Pies and Pints" on 65th street in Seattle, you can get killer pies there. Probably at Kangaroo and Kiwi on Aurora as well.:beer2:
  7. Thanks for the heads up, but maybe I should stay away from the pies lest the 20 pounds return!
  8. I agree that the meat pies are delicious, fast and easy. When I returned from Aussie I wondered why we didn't have the meat pies in every convenience store over here. Then I remebered that the burrito industry has it's hands in everything and the burrito lobbyist on Capital Hill would never let another product infringe on it's hot case monopoly.
  9. Australian Pie Company - Burien, WA

    Good stuff.
  10. As a large individual everything in the hotcase is tempting.....but the chimichanga is going to be my ultimate demise, with a close second being giblets. But lately I have been trying to eat healthier so sunday I bought a pastramie sandwich that was probably three to four weeks old, needless to say I regreted that decision on the way home. Ohhh yea, gotta have joe-joes with those giblets!:D
    many greasy artiries,
  11. ps thet was beautiful wadin boot.....I had watery eyes for a second.:rofl:
  12. I give in to the cream cheese jalapeno poppers quite often.. God I love them little things..
  13. Ahhhhhhhhhhh joe-joes. Fresh from under the heatlamps.....in the insulated bag.....with nuthin but mustard, the kind from the little packets. Ahhhhhhhhh Heaven. First time I got hooked on 'em we were Jr. High kids in need of a cure for the munchies (otter pops weren't gonna cut it). Good ol' Lakota JHS...we had a Johnny's Foods across the street at the time but weren't allowed off school grounds during the day. But those munchies had to be cured so we took the risk. So my buddy and I sneak over and take the new kid along. A little joe-joe therapy and we're cured for the day, only we get spotted crossing the school parking lot on the way back. Vern (our principal) was a smart one. We got separated into 3 rooms and questioned individually about whether we'd left school or not. I knew exactly how this would go down. My buddy was solid but the new kid was too green...I knew he'd crack. I decided it was best to go solid as well and at least keep the faith with my buddy...we were screwed anyway. On cue the two of us held up but the newby caved. I don't remember what happened to us but those damn joe-joes were worth it! :cool:

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