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  1. I'm on my 4th rig that I've driven over 175k on, so I don't buy new cars/trucks very often. I just change the oil and filter every 5k and other stuff as needed. My current vehicle, a 2000 Outback, is the first one that I've done that recommended checkup every 30k. I'm paranoid about having an unreliable vehicle, and that's been my main reason for buying new ones. They'd probably last even longer if I was willing to accept the inconvenience of needing unexpected repairs.
  2. Work Van 97 GMC Safari 240,000+ I have replaced all the bolt on stuff - water pump, alternator, etc. but it doesn't leak a drop of oil, starts and runs like a top every damn day.

    94 Nissan 4x4 117,00+ miles. Bought it used ten years ago with 90,000. Rebuilt the tranny and tuned it up twice.

    Both rigs get 17 mpg.

    My wife and kids have all the newer rigs - I'd have newer but I love living without car payments. :)
  3. 92 Toyota Landcruiser with 218K here. These rigs are so solidly build you just have to keep them tuned, and lubed, and they'll last you till' you don't want them anymore.
    I'd suggest any Toyota pickup, or one of the older mechanical Dodge Cummins rigs- the 89-98 years.
    Toyotas generally get great mileage, and are simply hard to kill; and the mechanical Cummins are all the benefits of power/size/capacity/mileage, without the possible computer and wiring issues.
    When you hone it down to a couple of makes, do a search for a fan site like WFF here, and you'll more than likely find a resource that will help you with repairs, and vendors that will offer a deal on OEM parts. As example I get my Toyota parts out of either New Mexico or Georgia, and pay on average 25% less than the local dealer and no shipping. OEM is still an expensive way to go, but I'm not trusting some bullshit made in Guadalajikistan parts when I'm somewhere deep in BFE.
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  4. 230K on my 2005 Jeep Liberty. Maine to Washington, Michigan to Louisiana. Had to rebuild the rear end earlier this year, but still cheaper than a new car or a payment. Water pump twice, new AC compressor, change the oil religiously and pay attention to the little things when something doesn't feel or sound right.
  5. 210K on my 2001 F150 Supercrew 4x4 (bough in spring of 00). Outside of the minor maintenance items, I had to replace the intake manifold (why is it made of plastic) last year so replace all the coils and plugs at the same time. It does sound like it needs some tightening in the front end due to some noises so I will tackle this summer or spring.

    I feel I could hop in it right now and drive 12 hours back to Calgary to fish or visit family. Wouldn't bat an eye if I had to.
  6. I've got 116k on my 2004 Tacoma and still on the factory brake pads and clutch even with pulling my drift boat for 3 years. It runs like a top and still drives like new. I have always run full synthetic oil and the only maintenance I've done was a timing belt, water pump, plugs, filters, transfer case flush and such at 90k. Toyota's can be a bit pricey but if you buy one new and change the oil regularly they run forever.
  7. 94' Dodge cummins 4X4 259,000 and getting stronger. Oil ,grease,and oil filter at 9K invervals. Bolt on stuff wears out--fix it. The engine and standard transmission will probably outlive me.
  8. 02 Ranger.. 230,000 Miles Runs Great, By Far The Best Vehicle I Have Ever Owned......Way Better Than My 91 toyota
  9. 25,000 miles on my Tundra, and its only 8 months old...
  10. I'd suggest one that doesn't have the 3.0 V6. Poor power and poor gas mileage. Plus it's a mess under the hood.

    More to the original post, I'd narrow my search to pickups I like and then do a lot of reading to see what years/engines have issues. A lot of vehicles are prone to problems in certain years and configurations. There are some pickups I wouldn't touch.

    Manual transmissions are usually more reliable than autos too.
  11. While most of you are boasting about your high miles longevity, how about my 1972 Ford XLT 390 V8 all original with 63K original miles? Got ya all by years, but not miles. No smog required and cheap parts for the most part. Maintenance is the key.
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  12. Jesse, are you a tall guy over 6'? If so you need to go sit in a new Ram 1500. The seats are just superb and support guys(and gals) with long legs much better than the other trucks. The 8' bed requirement sounds like maybe you could use a single cab model. Ram still makes a utilitarian model that has the same engine, transmission and running gear as the $45,000 models but can be had in 4X single cab models for around $27,000. I was in one this week and the view out is like sitting in an F-16. The visibility outward in all directions is just terrific. You forget how much you miss in the cab of a supercab until you drive a conventional truck.

    Here is what I hope to order. 2013 Ram 1500 4WD reg cab Tradesman
    3.6L DOHC V-6 with 8speed transmission
    Anti spin 3.55 rear axle
    17x7 alloy wheels
    Cloth 40/20/40 bench seat
    Chrome grill and bumpers
    Engine block heater
    Back up camera/auto dimming mirror w/display

    This is everything I need in a truck with no electronic gadgetry. Price with shipping is $27,341. This is almost identical to what I ordered in 1994 but cost $10,000 more, gets about 10 mpg more, rides better, tows more and has two less cylinders. I won't need one of those license frames that say: "My Truck Is More Like a Car Than Your Truck!"

  13. 308k 1997 ranger4wd,but the 4x4 light lies!
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  14. a little off topic but about 30 years ago 3 neighbors and I bought a well used ugly old Ford 3/4 ton p/u.......we hauled everything imaginable; firewood, lumber, stone, top soil, bark, sod, even tubs of mixed concrete.... after several years we sold it for about 50% more than we paid for it...which more than offset all of our costs for insurance, plates, gas was the neighborhood beater..I think someone bought it just for the engine....a 351 Cleveland. I doubt we put 1000 miles on it. Great old Ford truck.
  15. 97,000 miles on my 1994 F250 two-tone diesel beast...
  16. '04 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE 4 x 4. Currently at 165K, no problems. I make sure it gets regular service and maintenance.
  17. I had a 89 Toyota PU, the first year with the V6, and put on 350,000 on it before I sold it in 2004. Other than brakes and general maintanance I only changed out one water pump. I just wrecked my 06 Tacoma in the snow and ice last November with 130,000 miles and not a single issue. Needless to say I am sold on Toyota longevity and replaced my truck with a 13 4runner.
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  18. My pickup is a 1987 Dodge W250. It has 380,000 miles on it. Yes, I replaced the original engine 6 years ago with a rebuilt 360 because it developed oil leaks all over the place and it was nearly as cheap to just get a rebuilt engine put in it as to change all the gaskets, timing chain, and engine seals. The total cost, including taking out the old engine and putting in the rebuilt one, was just shy of $3300.00 sales tax included for a 7 year, 70,000 mile warantee. And for another $400.00 I changed to an Edelbrock intake and carburator at the same time. Still has the original tranny, transfer case, and axles. I changed the radiator and heater core just before having the engine replaced. Heck, it still has the original paint (it still shines due to annual waxing). I could not have replaced it with an equivalent pickup for the less than $4,000.00 I spent to put a new engine, intake, and carburator in it.

    Granted, it doesn't get great gas mileage with the carburator and 4:10 axles (10.5 mpg on the hwy), but it has been paid for a long time and other than normal maintenance like oil & filter, tune ups, trans service, coolant service, putting a good polish/wax on it once per year, etc. it is rather economical when figured cost per mile. And since I only drive it about 5,000 miles per year, it will last me a long, long time before this engine needs to be redone or the truck replaced. And the best part, not car payments.
  19. `08 Tacoma with 107K and change. All those trips to Kelly and Yellowstone, down to Idaho for elk; they DO pack on the miles!
  20. 2003 Toyota Tundra 46,000 miles.

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