SFR: How many miles on your truck?

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  1. Second engine in my HPI Baja 5b ;)
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  2. Salmo's driving a ru.. I knew he was a lesbian all along
  3. Where do you put the fly rod holders on that thing? I saw "Baja" in the name and I thought maybe it was a Soobie.

    I might get another truck, or a camper van, one of these days. My '04 Forester just turned 90,000. Still on its second set of tires, but due for an alignment job and new rubber any time now. The tires on it now were on it when I bought it in Sept 09, and they had over 12,000 miles on them already. Have close to 50,000 miles on 'em now. With the AWD, I could probably run them as slicks and still stay on the road, but I remember the nice ride that new tires can provide. Plus, I've lost enough tire diameter that my speedometer is reading at least 1 mph faster than my real speed! The wheels have to turn faster, and the higher rpm is putting slightly more wear on all my bearings! Ahhh, I'd better just go get some new rubber.
  4. I sold my 05 Tacoma 4 cylinder 4x4 , it had just over 100K and the only thing I did was change the front brakes and rotors at 85K ( could have gone longer) and a wheel bearing right before I sold it. I changed the fluids every 30K with Royal Purple synthetic and oil changes every 5-6 K with Royal Purple. I changed the plugs at 100K also. That truck was awesome, never had a check engine light come on in the 60K miles I owned it. Hands down best vehicle I've ever owned.

    Sold that to pay off credit card debt and picked up a 97 Toyota T100. Blew a Head Gasket a month into owning it (137K). I did the work myself and spent about 2,000 on new heads, water pump, timing components, plugs/wires, new radiator. Runs solid now. Good Compression at 170-175 psi across on a 16 year old engine. Good MPG too @ 18 average.

    I plan on doing the brakes, wheel bearings, u-joints, new shocks, ball joints and rod ends and O2 sensors. all routine stuff that should be changed anyways BEFORE it fails. Everything seems tight, but I like knowing it's done right and good to go and won't leave me stranded in the middle of nowhere.

    I plan on having this truck for a long time.
  5. 92 dodge w/cummins deisel 4wd. 140k, barely broken in. very minimal repairs, routine maintenance, 18mpg w/1800lb camper and drift boat
    (as long as i stay under 60) only used when fishing multi-days. spent all of march on the oregon coast @55mph or less, 20mpg. would like some more modern seats tho. the old school bench seat is hard on the back after a twenty hour drive. my 01 outback has 180k, and hauls the boat locally.
  6. 1985 BJ70 Landcruiser it is coming close to 700,000 kilometers. one clutch and one set of brakes. for the metrically challenged that os around 420,000 miles give or take.
  7. 2011 F-150 w/ Ecoboost, just hit 23k miles. Love the truck, love the engine.

    Unless they've changed the Rams since 2011, the F-150s had way more leg and head room. I'm 6'7" and the Ram wasn't even an option.
  8. That's some high miles. Have you seem the Top Gear episode where they put a Toyota truck through all kinds of torture and it still runs.
  9. Those are badass, I used to have an FJ60 that I fixed up pretty nice. Thinking of getting another land cruiser maybe an FJ40. Love the look of the 70 series but you can't really get em in the states.
  10. Nah, I dont really watch TV.

  11. Here you go. The best part is where they leave the truck on a long boat launch ramp. The tide comes in and the waves flip it over. They recover it and with a few min of tinkering they drive it away.
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  12. Thats what I have, the short pickup, cept a '95... It's unkillable.

    I cant tell you how many full size pickups I have pulled out of the mud, snow, ditches, etc.. I have had people laugh at me when I tell them I can pull them out.
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