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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dan Nelson, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. If there is no new state budget adopted by July 1, 2013, most state operations will shut down, including the majority of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Here's the plan for them:

    Suspension of fish and wildlife enforcement activities, hatcheries operations, and certain sport and commercial fisheries

    In other words, unchecked poaching is likely to occur. As for the hatcheries, will they just let their stocks die off? And if they "suspend certain sport and commercial fisheries" but also "suspend fish and wildlife enforcement activities" does it really make any difference if those fisheries are closed when there is nobody allowed to enforce the closure?

    Also, the plan for State Parks says:

    Complete shutdown: Cancellation of current camping/cabin reservations and scheduled special events. Closure of state parks.

    That will make a lot of folks happy right before the Fourth of July. Worse, the state will also shutdown the Liquor Control agency. Does that mean beer sales will come to a stop? That's a sure fire way to force a revolution right there! :confused:

    Full detailed plan from the Office of Financial Management here:
  2. "State Sponsored Terrorism"
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  3. Reminds me of a cartoon I once saw. Two guys in a boat fishing and in the background you can see a nuclear mushroom cloud. The one guy says to the other:
    "You know what this means Phil? No slot and screw the limit!"
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  4. Why does the Government always try to scare everybody. If it ain't the States it's the Federal Assholes.
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  5. Sure seems to me that our legislators would have figured out to live within the means available to them without a group of them pushing for more taxes (er I mean revenue). If the rest of us have a reduction of income or no raise, we figure out how to balance our family budgets, why can't the legislators that have held out for more revenue (I mean increased taxes) do the same.

    Lest anyone mistake this comment of mine as being pro one party over another, it is not. In fact, I would love to see legislators (and Congressmen and Senators) voted out of office in mass and replaced with new ones when this most basic of legislative responsibilities has not been met within the regular legislative session. Nothing like them having been remiss in their duty to pass a budget. If you or I were remiss in the major duty and responsibility of our job, we would be fired ('er relieved of our duties) rather quickly. Yet the legislators seem to be immune from this same standard and we the people keep voting them back into office.

    We've been through the special session needed for a budget four years in a row now, and the legislature is composed of virtually the same people now as four years ago. I sure hope the fine folks in our state wake up and do something about it soon.
  6. I'll believe it when I see it. California's been deep in the red for what now, about 20 years...always on the brink, but it never shuts down. Anyone recall the dreaded sequester (ohhhh), when life as we know it was going to end? All the rhetoric and hyperbole is bullshit. Maybe it's time they're forced to show their hand...which they really do not and won't do, because it will reveal the truth.
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  7. No, they are not going to let the hatchery stocks die off. The fish will be taken care of.

    The governor said his office was shutting down, be he will continue to do his constitutional duties. The Lt. Governor said his office was partially shutting down, but he would still conduct his constitutional duties.

    Here is the complete list:
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  8. Quoted for truth.
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  9. Miyawaki posted this as well, and I responded there, but here was my response.

    Absolutely fascinating. Based on what I read certain seasons that open after July 1st, simply would not open such as some salmon fishing and the crab season. It also sounds like the hatcheries would be completely shut down with the fish in those hatcheries left to basically die. It didn't sound like any of the fisheries currently open would be closed but even if they were it also sounded like all enforcement would be suspended minus 2 full time employees for the state. So those poaches caught on Fish Lake, yeah you can expect a lot more of that.

    Hmm, this could turn into some interesting chaos if folks in the house and senate don't pull their collective heads out of their arses and find away to compromise. I'm talking both sides of the isle folks. If they don't maybe as sportsman we make a pack to unload the lot of them and start our own party. I'll run, but don't expect anything less than an open critical thinking approach to things if you vote for me, I don't pander to emotional rhetoric that well.
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  10. The difference between WA and CA though is that CA has a budget, it may be in deficit but its an official budget. As of July 1, without fast action by the legislature, Washington WON'T have an official budget, so legally the state can not make ANY payments to anyone except from dedicated funds (i.e. already allocated through a previous budget) or for emergency operations (*Or for transportation issues since the legislature did pass a transportation-only budget this spring).
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  12. You can't eat your cake and have it too, choices must be made, priorities set and bills paid.
  13. If this happens I want a refund for the money spent on my fishing license.
  14. I stand corrected. I thought the director said that the fish would be taken care of. I mis-read what he had written. He's trying to put together a contingency plan to care of the fish, pheasants, and pygmy rabbits without the benefit of agency staff.
  15. Wonder if just turning them loose ever crossed his mind? Oh, I forgot, he works for the guvamint.
  16. So it's true, you can tax your way back to a balanced budget... then immediately increase funding to the state public employee unions. Chris, if you endorse this path to recovery so much, would you mind increasing your tax burden to say 70% so I don't have too?
  17. Yes I would mind, cause I gotta' feelin' you don't need it.
  18. Rhetoric and hyperbole Dan. Like the Fed's did running up to the sequester, they'll selectively choose items to help cause irritation and move agenda's, but they'll never stop running...and you can damn well rest assured their paychecks won't stop coming. They often like to tell us we're at the precipice and serious stuff is about to happen... but back off at the 11:59 hour because they don't want us to see that beyond that edge is a mere 2 foot drop.
  19. I don't need what Chris... the money I earned? So out of curiosity, if you were President Chris "you didn't earn that" Johnson (wow, that was scary), what would be the acceptable allotment for personal use?

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