SFR: If incompetent state legislature doesn't enact a budget by 7/1....

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dan Nelson, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. I just heard from WDFW's Inland Fish Program Manager Chris Donley with an answer to my question about shutting down commercial and recreational fishing and hatcheries. Here's his email:

    "No enforcement - shut down of most recreational and commercial fishing. Shut down as in Closed. Not sure the fate of hatcheries yet."

  2. Agree, i want my lisence fee back.
  3. I don't disagree that it's all rhetoric and total bullshit, but this situation is more akin to the 1995-96 Federal Government shutdown than the sequester of this year. In that case, the government DID largely shut down -- for the same reason Washington's may: no budget in place. Again, I'm not saying this is the end of the world, and certainly not something that is inevitable. Simply that, without a budget in place, the spineless ass-hat politicians will shut down large segments of the state because they (the legislators) couldn't get their shit together.

    Worse, though those legislators technically won't be paid either after July 1, some of them have already admitted they'll just retroactively pay themselves once a budget is adopted.

    As far as I'm concerned, every member of the legislature should have their pay suspended THE DAY the regular legislative session ends. They should NOT draw pay -- nor per diem -- for any special session work because the need for a special session just means they did NOT do their required job in the legally allotted time. Don't reward them for laziness. Can't get the job done in time? Fine, work extra time but they shouldn't be paid for it.

    If Tim Eyman (or someone) wants to take on THAT issue as an initiative, I'd be happy to support him for once.
  4. Well, since a good number of them have been closed anyway, even when they're open, perhaps this is just the reprieve the fisheries need. Maybe we could lobby for a new "yarn-tuft/casting practice only stamp"... results wouldn't be much different.
  5. July 1, go fishing. Don't worry. Be happy. Just follow the fishing regulations already in place. If a WDFW agent shows up to enforce "the closure" then the state was lying about suspending gov't. services.
  6. There ya go puttin' words in my mouth and makin' assumptions. What I said was, you don't need ME to pay YOUR share of taxes.
  7. All I know is I was notified yesterday that I would be getting a lay-off notice Monday, and if no budget was reached, no job on July 1. Now I can't even go fishing...double screwed.
  8. There's no enforcement now so I don't see that as being anything other than a scare tactic. In fact, this whole sham is nothing more than a scare tactic. They'll find the time to pass a bill removing the words "fireman, manhole cover, freshman, etc." from public documents.... Maybe they should have been working on the budget instead......?
  9. Classic!!!
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  10. Then this state will be an even MORE attractive poacher's playground than it already is. Lovely. I like Salmo's post, but it's kinda hard to go fishing if the State Parks I like have a locked gate barring my entry.
  11. Without enforcement, isn't this the perfect time for some of the anti poachers to put their bullets where their mouths are? Great opportunity for those who preach stiffer penalties to actually stroll out there and do something about it. If they close it all down, that will mean anyone fishing will be a slimy good for nothing poacher so the hard liners won't even need to think critically about the situation they can just judge the "poachers" right there on the spot and enact what they feel is the appropriate penalty. Perfect! Although I'm fairly sure the same hard liners about poaching will likely be some of the same people to ignore the change in policy, scream and cry about it, demand their license fee back and head out there and fish anyway.
  12. Gentlemen relax. Governor Jay Inslee wants you to get into a tizzy about a hypothetical "WA state government shut-down" so that you will put pressure on the state legislature to pass some kind of compromise budget. He learned this trick as a recent D.C. congressman. Nobody will have to change their plans for July 1st. They will pass a budget soon and all will be well.
    It is ridiculous that they hold hostage self-sustaining (license & fee collecting) agencies/activities in order to sway state budget battles. I really wish this state did not dump fishing/hunting license fees into the mess we call the General Fund.
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  13. i've been telling WDFW and the state to go f*** themselves my last couple trips. you want to listen to stupid people and open salmon for two days in may instead of weeks in june? you want to close all waters deeper than 120'? you want to not allow c&r of salmon? fine, i'll run a couple extra miles and fish where i can.

    $100 for a canadian saltwater license was the best money i've spent this year.
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  14. Don't worry if this crisis occurs I will gladly step up and lead citizens of this fine state down the path of total enlightenment or we could just have a statewide party... whatever!!!!
  15. I'm thinking they're way past enlightenment and now simply punch drunk ;)
  16. Almost funny except you probably believe the connection you're reaching for. SJBTM!!!

    Actual sportsmen being held hostage on seasons already agreed to because our legislatures can't have whipped cream and a cherry on their sundae? YGTBFKM
  17. How am I reaching? Have you read any of the poacher threads lately? No reach at all. And what do you mean almost funny, dude that was straight up cold arse hilarious. You should have that bone below your shoulder socket checked out, I think it might be missing.
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  18. They just represent us. Let that sink in.
  19. Hey freestoneangler, check Stewart's post, we both liked it! Holy Shit, alert the media!
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  20. I have a fishing license. If there is no enforcement due to the lack of budget, what hangs is that? Minimal.

    What does closing the season do for saving money? Bullshit! I can fish without their enforcement, do so legally according to the regs established before this crisis and according to the license I have already purchased, same as hunting.

    Politicians do not represent us, they have become nearly all the same, horrible. We deserve better. Perhaps an economic collapse would allow for a nice cleansing revolution.
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