Sfr: Legendary Steelhead Pic Photoshop Thread

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Evan Burck, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Ok sorry, got a little carried away bobe2.jpg
  2. Boot, I love it when you get into the hard stuff. Continue, please...
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  3. Awesome 'Boot!!!
  4. Well done, Boot!!!!
  5. I see he's keeping up with current events. Bobo1 - Copy.PNG
  6. BOBO4.png He braved the cold, brought his sign.....

    And the rest is history
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  7. So who is this guy? I never figured that out
  8. Some think it's Evan's alter ego.
  9. It's TediousThumpers brother. If I remember correctly, Thad brought the steelhead home and his bro obliged him with a hero shot.
  10. I just went through this thread for about the 50th time, love it, I think more submissions would be great!
  11. Every time this thread resurfaces, I get this warm, happy feeling.
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  12. Mixed with a seed of nausea deep in the pit of my stomach.
  13. Gary now I got a visual of Bobo busting out of Ripley's belly like in alien, can't find a good pic to photoshop though...

    alternatively a oversize load Bobo strapped to a flatbed big rig smashing all kinds of bridges over steelhead waters
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  14. It's like watching a Ben Stiller movie. It's funny in a juvenile way and you can't stop watching, but it's also a bit uncomfortable to watch.
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  15. I said the same thing when I walked in on my wife masturbating.

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  16. Whoa.
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  17. You seen her too?!?
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  18. Wow. I didn't find this thread at all uncomfortable... until NOW. :eek:
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  19. Just keeps getting better like a fine wine! Lol
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