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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Mark Bové, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. I am suprized no one in hear listens to State Radio.
  2. I do Mark,
    They are great. I like them almost as much as Dispatch.
  3. Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Dan Foggerty, anything old like myself. A little side note. Foggerty had a place on the Grande Rhonde right at Troy, just across the river. Couple of brthers I know who have been buying up a lot of the real estate around Troy bought the Foggerty place a couple years ago. They said when they walked into it the first time, that it was like stepping back into the '70's. Gold shag carpet, wood grain paneling, orange formica counter tops and greenish toilets. Said it had quite a bit of paraphanelia from the Creedance days, even got a guitar or two. They said they were going to keep just as they found it and I believe you can rent it.
    Also, Hemmingway has a place in the hills above Schummacher. A guide we used a couple of years ago is also the caretaker there.
  4. Mullins,Crash Test Dummies,Buffett,Neal Young,Eagles,Son Volt,Big Head Todd,Nelson,Cash and Morrison. That will get me to anywhere in Montana I'm ready to roll !!!!
  5. Rory,
    Do you perhaps die your hair black, talk about your feelings a lot and deal with your upper middle class existence with that little razor blade that understands you, only you?

    WFF is an EMO FREE ZONE. Here here.
  6. Since the advent of the I Pod, I pretty much hit shuffle and go. In the mix is a lot of Widespread Panic, just got turned on to the Drive By Truckers, Bob Marley, Barenaked Ladies, pre-Combat Rock Clash, Johnny Cash, the Pogues and some choice Grateful Dead. Lots of other stuff in the mix as well and always looking for new additions.
  7. Woody Guthrie, Mellencamp, Dylan and if I need to kick it up a notch a little CCR...
  8. haha, thats good stuff, if you see a guy with some black and white striped fingerless gloves, some realllly tight neoprene waders, studded wading belt,and plaid wading boots, its probably me.

    just joking, i aint emo but i do listen to some emo shit, heres a line from one of my favorite songs, "love is not like anything, especially a fucking knife!."

    if anything im just a little scene/wish i was more scene, its really funny waitin in line for a show with all the emo haircuts, black everything, while im in a seahawks t shirt and some khaki shorts and my friends wearing an abercrombie shirt

  9. Neil Young,, Jack Johnson and Rage Against the Machine in no particular order
    Salmon Chaser
  10. Zeppelin, '67 - '73 Pink Floyd, Bowie, Older Bright Eyes, Wilco, Boards of Canada, M83, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.
  11. It's actually John Fogarty:)
  12. My selections are kind of all over the iPod sounds like a group of people were fighting over the playlist.

    In relative order of frequency.

    Joe Satriani (Instrumental rock guitar for evenyone)
    Demon Hunter (Jesus metal is good for me)
    Casting Crowns (Whole fam-damily loves 'em)
    Van Halen (Even the Van Hagar years, just not the Van Gary year)
    Metallica (up to an including Justice...after that...not so much)
    Tool (older stuff...including firs two Perfect Circle albums here...well first two with Mayn on them)
    Barlow Girl (Heathen-beware chick rock)
    Steve Vai (Instrumental rock guitar for music nerds)
    Warrant (yeah, I said it...feels good to confess)
    BB KING (yes he deserves caps)
    Floyd (Pink...not Jeremy)
  13. Don't hate zen, not all of us were born on the mean streets of Walla Walla listening to hardcore eastern washington gangster rap.
  14. Fire up "old and in the way" or pherhaps a little Leenard Skeenard or toots and the maytals...
  15. worst fly fishing pun ever. ha.
  16. all you dudes who listen to godspeed should check out a silver mt. zion. they played here last year. it was a really big deal although i wasn't blown away by their live show.

    one of my favorite record scores:

    Godspeed You Black Emperor 7" on white with aMAZezine hand #'d


    i'll add a godspeed story. i remember standing outside of the somerville theater back in massachusetts about 10 year ago. godspeed was playing. too bad i had no idea at the time who they were at the time. i asked the women at the ticket counter and she said she had no idea who they were. i left. i will always regret that...
  17. NPR :thumb:
  18. says the guy who listens to a band called "Cock Sparrer" :thumb:
  19. What Zen said. I'd only add that I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself.

    Lately on the roads it's been:

    Three Inches of Blood
    System of a Down
  20. m. ward, rogue wave, drive by truckers, elvis costello, tom waits, arcade fire, wilco, radiohead, band of horses, the beatles, black lips, the clash, minus the bear, neko case, nick drake, pinback, the pixies, queens of the stone age, the replacements, robyn hitchcock, spoon, the shins, sonic youth, the walkmen, velvet underground, whiskeytown..............

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