SFR - Nort Fork Stilly - Deer Creek

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Andrew Lawrence, Nov 24, 2013.

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    After a pretty good morning on the North Fork Stilly this past summer, I decided to put my rod down and spend the afternoon hiking up Deer Creek. Anyhow, the pictures start at the entrance to the canyon, which is located a mile or two upriver from the mouth of Deer Creek. Enjoy!

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    Great shots of one amazing area!
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    Andrew -
    Nice stuff!

    Most folks don't appreciate how rugged that Deer Creek Canyon is. Having walked virtually all the anadromous portions of Deer and Little Deer Creek I'm still impressed with the Deer Creek fish's ability to negotiate that canyon (5 or 6 miles of higher gradient boulder runs)

    During major floods those large boulders sometimes move which results in periodic significant waterfalls/chutes that are major migration obstacles. Often those obstacles are only passable during only some flow conditions (usually moderate to high levels where the fish can find alternate slots by passing the only option at lower flows). During the 1990s there was a period where the worst of the barriers delayed the steelhead for several months and quite a few of the adults died as they crashed among the rocks and stranded themselves. Of course it is that time of barrier that selected for the fish that so many of us love.

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    The creek looks a lot healthier then it did the last time I was up there. That would have been in the late nineties. Much of the pools and small runs were silted in back then. It appears over the years much of the silt has washed out.

    Thanks for posting the pictures.
  5. Jason Rolfe Wanderer

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    Those are fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  6. nutsack angler newb

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    That's awesome! Thanks for the pictures- it looks like you trusted the old rope ; )

    Leaving the rod behind and just walking the creek (in this case legally necessary) is something I think fisherman can benefit from time to time as it replaces the catching aspect with pure appreciation and a different kind of knowledge than what comes from a hook.
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    Awesome! Did you see any fish in the deeper pools?
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    Wow… Beautiful area! How far up did you go passed the entrance to the canyon? And, is there a trail or bushwhacking? Thanks for the pics.
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    This is a very refreshing thread--and totally fishing related.

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    The only steelhead that I saw were in the corner pool above the highway 530 bridge over Deer Creek. The one everyone swims in.
  11. Andrew Lawrence Active Member

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    Though reluctant at first, I did indeed end up trusting the old rope.

    I only went a couple miles upriver from the entrance. There wasn't really a trail, so most of the hiking was done along the edge of the creek and amongst the boulders. However, I did have to do a little bit of climbing.