SFR: Removing dead fish smell from dog who rolled in it...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Josh, Mar 24, 2008.

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    I had a collie mix that rolled in dead critters and even had a direct blast from a skunk. I was down wind and nearly barfed from the smell. My cloths stunk bad and I needed a few showers before I couldn't smell it on my anymore. When I went out to find my dog to wash it, it was surpised to find she didn't stink at all. Just her same nutural doggy odor. Somehow she had a natural stink protector...
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    iagree Have to second (or third) this one. Vet recommended and worked well when my dog met a skunk.
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    Abby rolled in some Sockeye 3 times in one week last fall. I tied her up outside each time, hosed her down, shampooed her, soaked her in vinegar, shampooed her again, and banished her to the back hall. 3 months later at the groomers (4 baths later), the groomer asked "Did she roll in some fish? I am sure I smelled it in her."

    I also hear you can wash them in tomato juice and bury them in the backyard for a week.

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    What breed is your dog in the picture? Standard Poodle?

    Rod Pabst (I have a 7 y/o female, 22lbs miniture poodle)
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    douche works for skunk smell should work for fish smell