SFR: Snow, Steelhead, and Amanita

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by ibn, Nov 22, 2010.

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    I respect your hesitance. This would be a good report on another forum. If this report is appropriate here, then what about side-drifting or back-trolling bait divers or plugs from a jet sled on a snowy day with interesting scenery? If non-fly reports are appropriate, where is the line? I'm curious.


  2. ibn

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    Point taken Sg, I'll keep the 'pin reports to myself. My thinking was that my friends are on this forum, not another.
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    Nice stick. I was thinking more along the lines of under $200 like a TFO or Wright & McGill.

    Leave it to good ol' Sg to put you back in to place but then again he's old school so what would you expect. To your credit, you did write slightly fishing related in which gear fishing is slightly fishing you reported on the snow and mushrooms. I'm off the rest of the week so its all good to me.
  4. Alexander

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    I want to learn how to pin fish. For real, where to start?
  5. BDD

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    Take it to another form. Sg has spoken. :rofl: Now if we can get the dang nymphers off here life will be real good.

    For starters you can get a video with Mike Perusse (sp) called "Center Pin Secrets" or something like that. They also have demonstrations at the winter sportsman shows.
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    Hanging nymphs and pinning while licking the warts on aminitas, its all good. The stuff of Norse legends...
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    Eff that. Keep 'em coming! If people are "too cool" for reading about a good day using other methods, then they can ignore your posts.
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    Nice report and fantastic pictures. I have only dreamed of days like that on the river after eating mushrooms for dinner :)
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    Good Job!
  10. Alexander

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  11. Alexander

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    Thanks! :thumb:
  12. Alexander

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    Maybe we need an Off TOpic fOrum... ;)
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    That's why we fly fish! Beeeaaauuutiful report, great foto's
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    Nice work! Good looking fish.
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    had to be the Bog.

    I hit the Hump, Salmon and a little of the Queets, de nada.

    Now this trashy pinner shit must stop. I'm breaking out in hives man. Get a room, you guys.
  16. Stonefish

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    LOL, how about getting a clue.
  17. Stonefish

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    Nice report ibn
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    Nice report & great pics.
    NFR & FYI - About 20 years ago I researched and experimented with Amanita Muscaria. If you heat them up to 200 degrees (minimum, I believe) it neutralizes most or all of the toxins. They taste terrible but might be better dried and mixed in a shake. On the up side (pun intended) it will give you and yours a most memorable erection. No joke.
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    WFF always delivers....
  20. Jim Ficklin

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    Whoa . . . GREAT day & great pix. Those are some mint-bright fish! Well done, Sir.