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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by bhudda, May 15, 2007.

  1. a new diner has opened in the pike place market that serves drinks named after flies and has fishing related stuff allover, over looks the market and some tasty lookin food, hope they dont serve steelhead tho, gotta keep an eye out! no link to them at all saw it in the weekly. drinks anyone?

    haaha me drink
  2. What's the name of it?
  3. steelhead diner:)
  4. It seemed kind of weird that a review of the establishment appeared in both the Seattle Weekly and the Stranger the same week. I don't remember any other time when a restaurant review was doubled-up in the weeklies........

    My girlfriend's parents are in town, so we're gonna go there tomorrow night.

    It's gotten some good buzz, and the chef/owners have great cred, so I'm interested in checking it out.

    But yeah, just another great place (well, we'll see) to eat in Seattle. Yawnnnn.

    Damn, my life is a bitch.... :cool:

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