SFR: tent trailer opinions?

Discussion in 'Camping, Hiking, Cooking' started by Josh, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Joseph Freeman

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    Josh, have you ever considered a teardrop camper, (ever heard of one) I was in the same quandry as you. They are realitvly easy and cheap (around 800.00) to build. Just google " Teardrop campers". if you want the plans just PM me and I will scan them in to the computer and e-mail them to you. Joseph
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    Josh.. Looks like you're getting some great input from both sides of the coin. I could ramble on and on about tent trailers with all the research I did before we finally bought ours. We absolutely love ours. We ended up getting a 2006 Fleetwood brand new and have logged over 55 nights in it so far. Here's my two-cents and some random info I hope you find useful:

    - Fleetwood for the longest time owned the rights to put the Coleman name on their tent trailers. A few years back there was a dispute and now Fleetwood puts their own name on their trailers. Bottom line, Fleetwood and Coleman are the same thing.

    - My "Top 3" would be Fleetwood/Coleman, Jayco (a very close 2nd), and finally Starcraft.

    - They are surprisingly comfortable in bad weather with a couple of exceptions; they're loud in the rain. The aluminum roofs really "ping." Also, they don't do wind real well. Ours withstood a pretty hefty windstorm, but I really hope to never have to do it again.

    - Newer models have improved breathable fabrics. Fabrics that don't breathe cause condensation inside the trailer. Condensation can lead to mildew. A lot of manufacturers put in ceiling vents or fans to increase the airflow. Our trailer has really good tenting material and even without a vent, we've never had condensation and we've had zero mildew.

    - Storage problems? I guess between backpacking and car camping I've learned that if it doesn't fit, I probably don't need it.

    - Like others have said, they need to be dried out after being in wet weather, but while my buddy is paying over $100 a month to store his travel trailer, I keep mine in my garage.

    Well..I told you I could ramble. Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.
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    I hate to admit, but, we've kind of wimp out when the weather gets cold and windy. So, the wife wanted a trailer that we could all stay in side comfortably with 2 kids who are 19 and 10 right now, and the dog.

    What really crowds things out in a trailer is all my fly tying stuff ;)

    I do like the Scamp, in all it's sizes. With the price of fuel, you don't need a large vehicle to pull them.

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    i have 2, a little one and a big one. they are for summer when no heat is needed. they are for sleeping of the ground and for playing cards and drinking. they are light and easy to tow. i take a small generater for a light to tie flies. mike w
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    I just sold my Fleetwood Evolution pop-up. These are manly campers, with 15" wheels (better clearance and towing) and well built.
    A couple of considerations. If you are going to national parks, and some in Canada, you will be a little limited in where you can set up a soft sided (Tent-type) trailer by bear regulations. The Fishing Bridge campground in Yellowstone, for instance, prohibits them.

    The door does lock, from the outside or the inside, but the upper sides are canvas.

    I find the seating in the dinette to be "too cozy".

    I had a 3 way fridge, but always ended up with an extra ice chest. Even though I had a cargo shelf on the front of the camper, the ice box had to remain in my vehicle when in the campground, unless someone was physically present. Those pesky bruins, again.

    My heater was on a thermostat and kept me fine in a Yellowstone snow and rain storm.

    If you get one, look at the Evolutions. There is a great dealer in Kennewick worth price with. Also, take a look at tear drop trailers.

    I envy the VW camper. My wife, 2 yr old and I moved to utah in one in 1975 and ended up living in it for 3 1/2 months. When we wanted to get about, we dropped the top. It's really too bad they stopped making them.

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