SFR: Thoughts on Addiction, Steelhead, Flow, and Protecting the Supply.

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Dan Cuomo, Mar 7, 2014.

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    awesome 1st post, and bumping a month old thread. i dig your style brah
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    Not sure
    A college friend once shared, "All things in moderation, including moderation." I've done my best since then to live up to his sage advice.

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    I come from a family with more than its fair share of addicts. I was lucky enough not to have (I thought) the addictive personality that I saw in so many of my relatives.

    I smoked for a few years and then just put them down one day and never thought about it again. I experimented with a host of legal and illegal drugs in my youth, some of them are said to be addictive, but never was an issue for me I could always just walk away. I drink now, but just when I want to, and can go weeks without a drink and it’s just not a problem. I never gave any of these things much thought when I wasn’t doing them.

    I was never addicted to anything until I picked up that damn two handed rod and started chasing Steelhead. I have definitely felt that “flow” and I definitely want it/need it again. I think about Steelhead all the time, when I’m swinging that fly I’m totally content, when I’m not it’s a constant nagging itch.

    Having seen how destructive other addictions can be; I feel like I'm pretty lucky that this is the one that got me.

    Hi my name is Jeff, and I’m a Steelhead addict, but I don’t intend to go into rehab anytime soon and an intervention attempt would get ugly.
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    To the original poster--awesome writing there BUD!! FLOW is the name of the game, swinging for chrome is the most over powering thing I know of.. I think about it(visualize it) 100's of times a day.

    The only thing that comes close to it for me is being in the field , following my GSP's in a patch of bird nirvana.
    Dogs are what is the flow and I am cheating it off of them as they zigzag back and forth as they work cover looking for bird breath to lockup on.. Yep ,,da flow,, only thing that makes life alright for me.:cool:

    Of course rolling spinnerbaits on a moonlit night in the summer on a clear bass lake is a distant third place.
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  5. ever since i quit drinking i have way more fun fishing and the experiences are ten times greater than waking up with a hangover and rowing your buddys down the river
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