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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by troutpocket, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Troutpocket,

    I've put 93,000 totally trouble-free miles on my Subaru Legacy Outback (made in Indiana) since 2000. I bought this car as an alternative to a testosterone laden 4X4 F-250 or 350 that gets driven to the office 5X as often as it gets driven for fishing, hiking, backpacking, X-country skiing, bicycling events, etc. So I wanted a vehicle that's greener and half as dependent on middle east oil.

    CWU girl thinks you can't pick up any chicks with a Subaru other than lezbo tennis champions, but that's not true. Lance Armstrong also pitched Subes. And I picked up a nice young thing who drives a Toyota pickup that doesn't tow my 16' Lund any better than my Sube, but that's changing the subject.

    I've got bike racks on top (and ski racks too), but also have a hitch mounted bike rack for when I want to carry more bikes, or put my canoe on the car, with bikes on back. I can stuff full on camping and fishing gear in the back for a week's outing. Or 2 Watermasters and fishing gear for two, and my shuttle bike on top. And I've got overhead rod storage inside. Or . . . it's been a very versatile car. And during the snow and black ice, I had better traction even than the 4X4 pickups. So far it's been everything I wanted, and I'll probably buy another.

    Let's see, I did buy a new set of tires at 75,000 miles. Wow, what a disappointment.

    They're not for everybody, especially CWU girl and Sloan, but it might be right for you.


    Salmo g.
  2. Newcaster, Josh, I was actually pointing out the fact that we were 15 posts into the thread without the "buy American" rant. I wasn't advocating that standpoint myself. It is a bit ironic....elsewhere on the board another thread is raging and people are debating the vitues of buying flies from your local shop because that flies are made here instead of "offshore". In another thread people are arguing that one should purchase a certain brand of rod because that rod is made in the USA instead of being made "offshore". I didn't even realize that Subarus were being assembled her in the USA so that adds yet another layer of ironi.:cool:
    I don't have anything against Subarus. They've allways just looked kinda gay to me. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  3. Thanks all for the info so far. Spent all day test driving and the best rigs so far are:

    The Subaru Outback Turbo Wagon (glued to the road, 40-80mph in nothin' flat, amazingly quiet and really well setup for a fly fisher) and the NEW model Rav4. That little toyota has more cargo space than the Subi Forester and rides much nicer. Push button 4x4, 25mpg with the option 6cyl . . .a strong contender.

    The ones we didn't like include the Honda Element, which felt like a pair of pants that didn't fit right, and the Forester which was ok, just didn't have a very smooth ride and was loud at freeway speeds.

    Time for more research . . .

  4. Do it! Get the turbow wagon, you will never look back...:cool:

  5. How about a 1952 MG TD? Tom and Ray love it:

    "Let's be perfectly clear about this: There's nothing on this car that's plus or cushy, or could ever be construed as being comfortable. The seats are just a little bit better than sitting on a pile of rocks.

    The noise level on the inside of the MG is excellent. There's plenty of it! For this reason, we recommend this car only for the profoundly hearing impaired or those with hearing aids that can be turned off.

    Visibility is excellent. There are no blind spots because there's nothing like a window or a roof to obstruct the view. Or protect you if, say, an errant heat-seeking missile was aimed at the car.

    There is no heater in the MG. This car was made before heat was even invented, and only a few years after fire was discovered by Piltdown Man.

    Air conditioning is au naturel.

    When it comes to comfort, on a scale of 1 to 10, the MG is about a 3; which puts it on a par with driving a tree. "

  6. Get the wagon !! I know one day though you'll get a truck though but this will do ya for now !!
  7. I would look heavily at the Honda element. All wheel drive, enough power to get up and down, two people can comfortably sleep in the back (seats fold up on the inside), decent gas mileage (about 26) and is incredibly ugly. We have a neighbor who has one and with snow or nud on the ground this time of year (in the Okanogan Highlands) it seems to be one of the best vehicles in those conditions.......and did I mention ugly?

    Jim Wheeler
    Spring Creek Prams
  8. I have a 4X4 2001 Mazda Tribute in West Seattle that I'll sell you for $8,000. When I bought it I compared it to the Rav 4 and Nissan Xterra. It won out for me. 6 cylinder, lots of cargo space, been a great fishing rig.
  9. I wondered about that too .. until I read the current issue of Consumer Reports. Most of the 'foreign' cars are actually built here in US or Canadian Plants. Just don't ask where a lot of the "parts" came from.
  10. I own a 2001 RAV4. I do enjoy it a lot, and it performed well on an October trip through British Columbia that made me grateful for the 4wd. Highest MPG was around 26. If you're shopping for something new, you should look closely at the Ford Escape Hybrid.

    As an alternative, you might also look for a TDI ride. That's Turbo Diesel Injection, for the uninitiated. Their fuel savings can be substantial, and the diesel will provide a lot of pulling torque. The only problem you will encounter is simply finding something that will do the job and that you can afford. What I mean by that is discovering whether or not such a beast exists that will serve your needs. As we all know, most auto manufacturers lag behind the reality and customer need curve.

    Do your research. The answer is out there.
  11. Get an Escalade. Holds plenty of rods and you can pile all your bro's in it :clown:

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  12. Obviously I'm in the miniority, but I've gotta say.....I have friends that would laugh and point if I bought a Subaru. And no, they're not crazy rednecks, they're mostly liberal leaning city dwellers, but thankfully, brutally honest. :p The taunting...the jokes... lesbaru... no thanks.

    The Honda Element also falls in to the laugh and point catagory.

    I'm looking at getting a new ride but I just can't justify the purchase since my 12 year old exploder just won't die and I'd rather not have a car payment. I'm looking at Toyota FJ Crusier, Honda Pilot, Nissan Xterra, and Nissan Pathfinder.

    ((Anyone reading this post please understand I'm NOT completely serious...))
  13. Here are a couple of my suggestions; Volvo cross country, Toyota land cruiser and ML 320. Most previously owned vehicles that cost over 40k new are taken pretty good care of. Chances are you can get one for a good deal and they will hold thier value much better.
    Good luck.
    I recently went from an 83' Land Cruiser to a 2000. Toyota's don't break and hold value.
  14. Wow, you hate on subarus and you get an fj cruiser? or a honda pilot? Come one now! The newest outbacks are faster than porshe boxers, have more torque than most suvs and small to midsize pickups. All subaru engines now are based of off porshe boxer design, except they incorporate different and smaller turbos, and obiously all wheel drive. Subarus are the shit, and if you dont know it, you havent had one.
  15. I laugh and point at people driving FJ Cruisers, Pilots, Xterras, and Pathfinders.
  16. My main criterion looking for a new rig (after my '89 Pathfinder got ripped off:mad: ) was something big enough to sleep in (besides carry gear). Got a '06 Toyota Taco, 6-speed manual, off-road package. Sweet rig, but only about 18-20 mpg. :(
  17. Actually, the basic 2007 outback doesn't have as much torque or horsepower as the basic 2007 explorer, pathfinder, jeep grand cheroke, durango, escalade. dakota,....
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  19. I just like to laught and point at people. Why limit yourself to the type of car they drive? :confused:
  20. Buying a fishing vehicle is like buying a flyrod you got to try it before you buy it. I have made a short list of vehicles that I would buy in the "cute-ute" catagory. They are big enough to seat four adults for short trips. They all would accomodate a fully inflated pontoon on a good rack on the top. I would buy a front wheel drive NOT a four wheel drive and a 4 cyl with a stick.
    Good MPG low maintanance less expensive.
    The criteria for me is comfort. If I am going to sit in one of these for a average trip to the fishing hole it has got to comfortable. I don't want to get to the fishing spot only to be crippled by the poor seating.
    Based on my "research" the seat of my pants! the Honda Element is out, the Suburu is awful. the Kia and Hyundai are tolerable.
    If I were to buy right now here are my top three in orer of preference.
    1. Ford Escape
    2. Saturn Vue
    3. Honda CRV
    All three of these are available new like I want for under 20K. All get 28MPG or so on the highway.
    They are not fast, they may not appeal to everyone but I think they all get a nod for practicality.

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