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  1. Vladimir Steblina

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    During the drought of 2000, California ran out of power due to mismanagement and requested electricity from BPA. President Clinton suspended the Endangered Species Act as it related to the recovery of the Pacific Salmon and sent the power south to California.

    That "environmentally sensitive" state of California never imposed any conservation measures. Just continued to waste not only their power, but that being shipped from the northwest.

    Well, looks like they are going to do it again with this drought.,0,3070851.story

    With the state snowpack at 12% of normal here is my favorite line from the story........

    "Thanks to billions of dollars of ratepayer investments in regional water storage projects and conservation programs, Southern California is in a stronger position than much of the rest of the state. "We spent 20 years preparing for a drought like this," MWD General Manager Jeffrey Kightlinger said.

    The agency, which supplies the Southland with water from the Colorado River and Northern California, has no plans to impose rationing this year. "

    I guess the attitude is we stole the water fair and if those areas going literally dry in Nevada and northern California we MIGHT help them.

    The good news for the Northwest is that California spent billions building worthless solar and wind energy plants with taxpayers money. However, the private sector has spent millions building gas fired turbine generating plants and it looks like they will not need BPA electricity this year.

    The bad news is that they are going to burn so much natural gas that it appears that the price of natural gas will really spike this year!!

    I really don't know how you shame 38 million people into giving a damn about the environment??
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    It's gonna be really really ugly here when summer rolls around. There is pretty much an annual lawsuit between the Hoopa and Yoruk tribes (close to where I live) and the farmers over in central California. Because of all the legal bullshit they waited until the Klamath river was damn near 70 degrees before finally releasing a slug of cold water down the Trinity river to make the Klamath temperature survivable for the salmon.

    I'm anticipating another large fish kill this year. If that slug of water was fought over last year, it's really going to be a point of contention this year.
  3. Kaiserman

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    I think California should become it's own country. They seem to have all sorts of ideas of how things "should be", and as it turns out... not so much.

    If they (the leadership) think they've got the answers to how things should work, fine. Become your own little "nation", spend your own money, and stop spending ours, to pay for your stupid ideas.

    Get back to us in 3 or 4 years, and we'll see how that's working out for you. Chances are, you'll just be an extension of Mexico. Nothing wrong with Mexico mind you, but when you run out of other peoples money... you're broke.

    They are one of the nations leading "icons" if you will, for "Save the whale/trees/etc", but as it seem, they want everyone else to do it except themselves.
  4. Travis Bille

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    Like x1000!!!! Well said! Now, if only the part where I live could become a part of Oregon that would be perfect. Everything north of Redding is "functionally" Oregon anyway.
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    This is not in defense of California, just some observations. Much of "the problem" resides with how the state is structured. The state appears...extremely liberal. However, reality is that two major voting blocks control the state, LA and SF, both highly liberal. The central valley and northern CA are not as liberal, however, don't have the votes. Then, on top of that, you have idiot programs. The tree huggers (yes, that will offend some of you) want to drain the Hetch Hetchy dam and "restore" it to what they believe might be another Yosemite. The minor detail that a major part of the state relies on water from that dam, and there are no plans for additional dams, is lost on most advocates. So...proponents want to eliminate the dam and have it return to a pretty tourist attraction. Restoration would take at least 100 years with no way to replace the lost water. Brilliant. Then, moonbeam Jerry Brown wants to have a Sac River bypass, two 20' pipes, diverting water to the central valley and LA, both arid, desert climates. This will devastate the delta area in norcal but gonzo Brown has said that they will evaluate any adverse results "as the project proceeds". Yea, right. And... we have the high speed rail, the train to no where, a $150 billion boondoggle. What do all of these have in common? Unions, special interests and construction lobbies peddling the "need". Brown is in their pockets.

    Not surprising, there is a backlash developing. There is one proposal to start the "state of Jefferson", to comprise some of southern Oregon and a big chunk of Northern California. The reason is that large numbers of people feel they have no representation as the entire state is controlled by LA and SF voting blocks. There are other proposals to split CA in two and a third proposal for a division into 6 states. All these proposals are based on a growing, disenfranchised populace not residing in SF or LA.

    Frankly, I don't see it getting better. It is why so many people and businesses are leaving the state. If you live in SF or LA you are represented. Otherwise, suck it up.

    And it's not just Brown. Camella Harris, state Attorney General, used to be the District Attorney for SF. An individual executed (with witnesses) an SF cop. Executed. Harris refused to prosecute for the death penalty as it was politically incorrect in SF and is not socially responsible (to her). Typical.

    Remember, California does not have murderers, perverts, sociopaths, pedophiles, anarchists or just plain idiots, rather, we have "unique individuals with alternative lifestyles".

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    This issue is not why people hate California. Having lived there for 20 years, I wouldn't piss on the place if it were on fire. I'd love to expand on this, but I'm on double secret probation -- anything political... my moniker on the preceding post and I'm tossed :(. For the sake of some of the states great rivers and the fish that call them home, I hope for a long, cold, wet spring.
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    Save a river waste a Californian.:D
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  8. Kaiserman

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    I know you're just joking around, but I don't think it's the people (most anyway) that are the problem.

    It's the kind of thinking (again- leadership) that Vladimir commented on. We'll take your water (essentially) and maybe share it. Which the news tonight just reported that they are not going to share it.
  9. Krusty

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    Actually, California led the way in water conservation; their per capita use is quite low....the reality is that there are just too damn many people there and, at the same time, the southwest is in a sustained drought cycle.

    Ultimately, they're going to have to spend heavily on the same kind of technology implemented in Orange County....Toilet to Tap (in reality, aquifer injection recharge) with exotically treated wastewater.

    Such systems are extremely expensive, but are able to achieve better than pristine groundwater quality through reverse osmosis, destructive UV exposure, then peroxide destruction....effectively breaking the molecular bonds in pollutant molecules.

    Of course there's the 'ick factor', but it's amazing what a community can stomach if its existence is threatened (as are some communities in Texas who are depending upon its implementation for survival). States are running out of options to take water from somebody else.

    And no, I'm not from people go back many generations in the PNW...but I like to approach these problems as a scientist rather than pointlessly vilify California.
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    Heck I've hated cali since the 70's. Since I've lived in Oregon my whole live I was just raised that way!!!
  11. James W. Haan

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    Hey, the football season is almost over, stop the hatin' on Calif. The major problem here are the politicans of both parties, no longer are they public servants, they feed at the money trough.
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  12. Krusty

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    Ummmm...hate to tell you this...but there were never selfless 'public servants'. Elected officials have always served at the behest of whoever financed their political survival.
  13. Teenage Entomologist

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    I'm hoping that Northern California secedes from California, and becomes the great state of Jefferson.
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    I wish California had to provide their own water & power, all of it coming from California. Don't understand why BPA (Bonneville "Damn" Power Administration) supplies power to Califidiots. Seems to me the Columbia watershed visits WA, OR, ID & BC. No water there for Califidiots. Build big if you like but if you can't provide water & power internally you're an idiot...and deserve to lose.
  16. jersey

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    This place is straight-up jacked. In the very near future, we're rollin outta here. So sick of paying for others and the Train and Delta Diversion tunnels are scheduled to flow an enormous amount of water. Can't even get into general intolerance when one has a differing opinion

    Check out the State of Jefferson, it is fascinating.
  17. Kaiserman

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    About 100,000 more people moved away from California in 2011 than relocated to the Golden State, according to the latest report from the U.S. Census Bureau.

    The trend can be explained, in part, in monetary terms. Even in an economic boom, the cost of living in California has increased, prompting people to move out, and, in recent years, unemployment in the state has skyrocketed.

    So, where are these former Californians going?

    The Census Bureau calculates that the most popular destination is Texas (58,992), a state that is luring California companies. That’s followed by Arizona (49,635), Nevada (40,114), Washington (38,421) and Oregon (34,214).:eek:
  18. Krusty

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    Naw...instead of calling it Jefferson, I think a better name would be 'State of Poverty'!
  19. Rick Todd

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    I was born and raised in San Jose, moved away for college in 1967. Have lived in WA ever since and am so glad I moved away from there! I really don't even recognize the place when I go back for a visit. If you make a decent income, top state income tax is 14%!! (on top of the top fed rate of 39%) My brother lives in San Diego and he says they pay the high taxes because living there is worth it! I can think of lots of things I would do with an extra 14% in my pocket, but I think all that sun has an adverse effect on mental function! (beside, I get all the sun I want at my Winthrop place and the sky is really blue, not California white/brown, which passes for a blue sky down there!)
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  20. Kaiserman

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    Well, hold on to your wallet... cause Washington St. isn't too far behind California when it comes to their ideology.
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