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  1. Trapper Badovinac

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    Back in the 1960s, my friends and I would gather around the TV to watch a show called Where the Action Is. I don't remember all the lyrics but one part I remember was

    Oh Baby come on,
    Let me take you where the action is.

    All the action was in southern California -- sunny skies, girls in bikinis on sandy beaches, very cool cars, and rock and roll. Sitting in front of a TV in Colorado, I thought I was watching heaven. Everyone I knew wanted to be in California.

    In 1968 I enlisted in the Navy partly because I thought I could spend my free time hanging out with good looking girls in bikinis. (My recruiter promised me I would be a Postal Clerk in the Mediterranean and hang out with good looking Italian women on nude beaches) When I found myself stationed in SoCal, I thought it was pretty cool.

    It didn't take me long before I figured out why some of us got so many extra shots in boot camp and I didn't get back to California for a while. I was then stationed at China Lake. It's out in the Mojave. I liked it. It was hot, sure, but I'd ride my dirt bike through the desert, camp out, and was pretty much free to shoot my guns. The beach was a long way away and the "lake" in China Lake hadn't had water in it for a few million years, but I was ok with it.

    My point, after my little trip down nostalgia lane, is back in the 1960s and 1970s, everyone wanted to be in southern California. It was where everything new and cool was. Hell, even the Beverly Hillbillies went there! The hype coming out of that place was intense and it made everywhere else look, well, dull and boring.

    Later in life I came to realize that all that flash and glitter was an illusion and it came at a great cost.

    I see California now much differently than I did back then, but I can find no reason to denigrate those who enjoy living there.

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  2. Mark Kulikov

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    Well said Trapper.
  3. Skysoldier

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    Yes because no one from Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho or Wyoming owns any of the property closing off access to our water ways............rrrrright! There is an old saying that comes to mind, thanks for opening your mouth and proving it right once again.

    I am always amazed by the amount of hate some people have for others because they have different ideas, belong to a different political group, dress differently or just plain come from another state.
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  4. Alex MacDonald

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    My family has ranched in northern CA since it was a Spanish possession: I moved out 8 years ago ending this, but my loser brother still has the last 65 acres of land near the Peoples' Republic of Davis. Good for him; he can figure out how to make a living from dirt, `cause that's all it is. even the well's not servicable now. But for the life of me, having been raised there, and seen the changes all around me as I grew up, I can't for the life of me find anything good to say about the people, politicians, political climate, the nasty comments/looks/keyed cars/spittle I got just from daring to have a Bush sticker on my car. Give me a fucking break. It was crystal clear to me that as a conservative, I had NO place in that state until I got up to the Redding-Yreka area, where I fit in. So I support the State of Jefferson movement completely. This isn't the first time they've tried it, either.
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    Hell, we were practically neighbors... I drove past Davis in route to Travis AFB for over 6 years. Interestingly enough when I was in San Diego on business late summer 2012, I was amazed to see all the fervent political stickers (hell, posters) on cars...and my first thought was wow, are they ever taking a big chance on the paint jobs and tires. But, speaking with the folks we met with, I came to realize that San Diego is the Redding of the south... and that folks were not concerned about openly expressing their political positions... as it should be.
  6. Vladimir Steblina

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    Getting back on is the government in California that is clueless.

    In my original post I said that California might NOT need BPA electricity this summer. Remember the Endangered Species Act as it related to the Recovery of the Pacific Salmon was SUSPENDED by then President Clinton in 2000. There is a very real chance that this might happen again this summer.

    Seems that California does not have enough natural gas to run all those electric generating plants.

    This time could we insist that California try some conservation measures??
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  7. "Average site electricity consumption in California homes is among the lowest in the nation (6.9 megawatthours per year), according to EIA's Residential Energy Consumption Survey. "

    Compared to WA:

    Per the above source, CA is 48th while WA is 29th in the nation per capita.

    I find it interesting you compare your cheap (Federally subsidized) electric rates to CA's; are you considering the source of that cheap power?

    You're welcome to bag on CA, there are a lot of things wrong with it. Energy conservation is not one of them.
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    Amazing the people with the least experience and first hand knowledge ,use of wind and solar power are the ones to proclaim how wonderful cheap and efficient it is.

    As sportsmen we are concerned when Cali transplants move to states like Colorado, Washington, Oregon and try to implement policies like gun control, limit hunting etc.

    Beautiful state , great climate. I lived in San Fran in the 1980's and now that once wonderful city smells like a porta potty, is dirty and full of pan handlers.

    Why take the billions to build the Jerry Brown train to nowhere and build a few desalinization plants where needed

  9. Vladimir Steblina

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    Apples and oranges.....the difference is the use of natural gas for heating...which is a good thing. For what its worth eastern Washington uses very little Federal subsidized electricity...most of it is sent to western Washington and Oregon. In fact, the PUD's over here send significant chunks of their power over to western Washington and Oregon. It would be nice to have BPA charge market rates since it would mean we could sell our electricity at higher prices.

    My problem with California was that in 2000 President Clinton suspended the ESA as it related to the recovery of the Pacific Salmon to send them electricity....and they did nothing extra in conservation!!!

    I remember in 1973 when the Arab oil embargo hit and I drove from Vancouver, Canada to Davis, California during the night. Every light was off except for the operating gas stations and there were just a few of those open. If we are going to kill endangered species for electricity we should at least try to conserve electricity.

    I can see the sky glow from Seattle in Wenatchee!! AND the Chelan County PUD is not a great conserver of electricity. I did get the opportunity to rail on them again today at the home show about their wasteful night lighting practices!! The answer was not my department, but I will pass it on. God I love being a cranky old man.
  10. Krusty

    Krusty Active Member one cranky old man to'd best learn that 'railing' on people doesn't get you 'listened to' just gets you ignored. One old fart that thinks they 'see the light' is nothing more than somebody to tune out. In short, these things are bigger than we are. If 'railing' is therapeutic, then go for it...but don't expect others to adjust their lifestyle to old fart demands.

    If you're right, and maybe you are, then they're gonna learn the hard every generation (and nation) before us. Lighten up, my Slavic friend!
  11. Grayone

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    "it's the perfect texture"

    Californians!!!! Make sure you watch to 1:32!
  12. Siskiyoublues

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    What a load of BS, seems like most of Seattle is more "california" then much of the real deal down south. Get over yourselves! ;)
  13. Rick Todd

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    We are both wrong-an internet search showed a top rate of 12.3%. For fun I looked at what I would have paid if I was a CA resident during my last 10 years before I retired a year ago. (I am a dentist and had a high income) My yearly tax bill from CA would have been around $30,000 extra! (Very glad that money is in my retirement plan instead of CA's coffers!) The year I sold my practice the CA tax would have been $96,000! Again, glad to have that money in my savings account! To me it is just crazy to pay such an additional tax burden when simply moving to another state would solve the problem. I'm really not sure why any retired person with a reasonable retirement income would be a CA resident.
  14. Teenage Entomologist

    Teenage Entomologist Gotta love the pteronarcys.

    My gosh, this thread was stared less than 10 days ago and this is how many people have viewed and commented.

    Sheesh, who knew this many people hated California:). image.jpg
  15. KerryS

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    If it weren't for the dams, cheap electricity and free water the eastern part of this state would still be a desert and totally devoid of people. The western side would be a better smelling North Dakota with about a quarter of its current population. And,,,,,,,,, and we would have salmon.

    I am from southern Oregon which is why I don't like Californians. You figure it out.
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  17. Steven Mobley

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    I agree whole-heartedly with the retired dentist. I too earned a very decent living and have a pretty good retirement income. I'm waiting on my wife to retire in a few more years and then plan on enticing her to move to a state with more sanity and a lower, or non-existent state income tax.

    The water issues and droughts that frequent Cali are not being intelligently addressed now, nor have they been in the past. The level of corruption here is as bad as in the current WH and federal government Agri- businesses and sportsman's' interests (fish survival) are being short changed daily.

    Developers and union supported projects, no matter how unfeasible or costly to the taxpayer, are rubber stamped with abandon. The Dems, who have been running this state for nearly 50 years, have been bought and paid for.Their lip service about ecology and the environment is just that, lip service.

    Follow the money and you'll see why the water is being sent downstream with no plan for conservation in sight. Same thing happened recently with our huge state budget deficit. Gov Moonbeam convinced the leech class (D) to vote for yet another tax /increase. This gave the state a huge budget surplus, which they are now scheming to spend, starting off with paying back their usual campaign supporters, the teachers union and public employee unions.

    Having just returned from my third trip from the Seattle / Tacoma, I can say one thing positive about Cali, besides the weather and overall beauty of the state, and that is Cali knows how to keep it;s roadways safe and open to travel. Cali actually runs their snowploughs and enforces chain restrictions, rather than let its road travelers spin out and be delayed for hours and hours, even after literally 100's of vehicles had to be removed from the roadsides and lane dividers. Oregon takes the gold for absolute stupidity on the part of it's DOT, with Washington taking a very very close second.
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  18. "Agri- businesses and sportsman's' interests (fish survival) are being short changed daily."
    Mutually exclusive, agribusiness wants every drop, no compromise.

    Not even going to address your political rant (want to keep Mod's off our back) other than to say he's doing a lot better than his predecessor, that action-hero knucklehead. Paying taxes is part of living in a community, if you don't like paying them, move to Alaska and live off the grid like I did for 10 years. They are very low in Texas, try that.
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    1 - California - Nice place to visit (some places anyway). No need to hate. I could never live there.

    Politics is a discussion I should stay away from. :confused:
  20. freestoneangler

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    If you did I resign from the forum... the day stating hard cold facts becomes a crime, fuck it!