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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Vladimir Steblina, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Hear you BB, been following that. All he needs is about 900,000 valid sigs by some place in July. Actually the idea of a "State of Jefferson" has been around since pre WW2.
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    As far as the electricity issue goes.... You should see the amount of solar power going in EVERYWHERE down here. There are so many privately owned solar companies vying for your business, you can get your whole roof arrayed for zero down. Change doesn't happen overnight people, and yes, while we are severely overpopulated in California, it's not like its getting better in Washington.
    I live in a beach town, FAR away from LA. My average commute is 1/5 what it was in Seattle, and there's about 1/4 the traffic that Seattle has. I fill my tank up MAYBE 2x a month, so I'm using a lot less gas. I use LESS electricity! Never once since I've lived here have I had to use heat in the winter, and my place doesn't even HAVE A/C. A lot of people prefer xeriscape with drought resistant succulents to lawns. San Fransisco has a better recycling program than Seattle does. My personal carbon footprint is a shadow of what it was in Washington. It's sad that California diverts so much water- but the VAST majority is for agriculture, for food that YOU WILL BUY IN WASHINGTON! How ironic. All those pre packaged greens in the grocery store come from the Central Valley. Can we do a LOT better about resource management? Hell yeah we can. But it sounds extremely ignorant to assume that all the diverted water from WA AND the Colorado river do nothing for the areas where the water comes from. That agricultural area feeds a very large part of the country. Washington and the Colorado river drainage areas included.

    Fuck golf - you could get rid of ALL GOLF COURSES everywhere and I'd be happy. Even in Washington, the Eco impact of courses is appalling. Too many fertilizers, too many chemicals, too much fossil fuel to power mowers etc. talk about the epitome of an unsustainable sport.

    Fuck lawns too. Want to eliminate your reliance on California's Central Valley agriculture? Rip up your fancy ass lawn and any a garden. Do all the hard work it takes all year long - give up putting round up and other shit onto a lawn you don't need, and instead get some real value out of that square footage.
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    I think it's a damn shame we don't have more wind and large scale solar generation- we are building infrastructure, but not nearly fast enough
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    Probably, because they are finding out (as with wind turbines) that it takes 30 to 40 years to break even, and they are only built to last about 20 yrs (even less with solar) - that's not including the maintenance.
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    Solar has gotten MUCH better. A friend of mine is a project manager for a solar installation company here- efficiency has tripled in a year and longevity is going way up
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    Carlsbad !! My favorite city in Cali !!! Family there !!! Sorry off topic !!!!
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    I do love carlsbad