SGS Scandit System

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Robert Engleheart, Jul 2, 2012.

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    Just wanted to comment on Steve Godshall's Skandit line system I just picked up. Called Bob Meiser for a recommendation for a Skagit line to go with my new Highlander Classic 11757. After a long discussion Bob recommended a 416 grain head and I received it shortly thereafter. I set it up with the level ELF running line (.032 dia.) as a skagit, as I have his integrated head Mendmaster/Scandi on the other spool. Haven't had a chance to get it on the water, but in the backyard yesterday I was rollcasting (underhand?) 80' without any effort. With more space, I'm sure I could've sent all 90' of running line easily. I've decided, after seeing all the "which line?" questions on this and other sites, one can save a lot of money & trouble by just calling either Bob or Steve and going with their recommendations. These guys are Jedi.
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    Robert, I think you are absolutely correct.
    Since Meiz/Godshall started offering Skandit heads, I have built not a one of my own. For all round use, hard to beat, esp. since Steve tunes them to each rod individually.
    Sounds like you have your casting down.
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    Have several of Steve's lines (or just heads) built for a specific rod, and I do mean a specific rod. Have yet to find a reason to 'un-rig' any of these. I keep all my spey's 'rigged and ready' to go on the rod rack on the Jeep. Depending upon the water conditions (flow 99% of the time) I'll grab a couple and "I'm out of here."