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  1. am ready to get my first shad but dont want to drive all day. been looking at ice harbor and/or lower monumental. does anybody have any experience with shad fishing on the snake? they are only 50 miles from the front door. thanks, mike w
  2. I don't know the answer to your question, but I've sure been wondering the same thing. Drop me a line if you go.

    How's that G. Loomis been treating you?
  3. Used to be a fairly productive drift below Ice Harbor. Never did any good below Lo Mo. PM if interested. Years have suggested that I limit my former scrambles over rip-rap (damn it; it's frustrating to get older AND wiser, lol.).
  4. I normally do reasonably well below Ice Harbor very early in the morning. For me things drop off after 0700. The last couple of years have been tough fishing due to the high water flows and the very slick rocks. At times it can get crowded with gear fishermen. I generally go about a week after the count at McNary hits 30,000.
  5. I know how you feel. I was on the Big Hole by the power plant. Just above the small dam there is rip-rap to crawl over to get down to the pool to fish. I tried to get down but age and wisdom kept me off of it.

    When I was young and dumb I would of been over those rocks in a heart beat. Now that I'm older and wiser I turned around and left. The fish were rising but my body wasn't into it. I don't need to fall at my age. If I break anything it will be a long time healing.
  6. I did not know shad ran up the Snake. A new thing learned.
  7. correct me if im wrong , but according to the counts most shad go up the snake. i am wondering how far they go ,and where they spawn? mikew
  8. Mike, on shad going up the Snake, if you can show me the shad fish counts showing that I'd appreciate it.
  9. The Corp used to cut them off at Lo Mo. Most of them spawned in the fish ladder.
  10. bill, i dont know how to relay you the fish count deal. it is dart something. maybe someone on here knows what it is. i look at it everyday. ice harbor had something like 10,000 shad a couple of days ago. mike w
  11. Shad do indeed go up the Snake, but in far fewer numbers than what you find in the lower portion of the mainstem Columbia. Shad on the Snake pass Lower Granite Dam, and could be entering Idaho, but to my knowledge no one has documented just how far they go. The upper limit of their migration on the Columbia itself is Priest Rapids Dam, where they are blocked from going further up by inadequate fish passage design. This is on purpose.

    Here's a link to the shad counts through DART:
  12. The reason I asked the question is it appears shad aren't counted on some dams. That's why I wanted verification that shad were present in numbers.
  13. I believe they stopped counting shad at McNary (or The Dalles, I can't recall) recently.
  14. bill, try this site; columbia river dart(data access in real time) adult passage counts. if it works play with to find all the dans and fish. if it doesnt work, dont call me cuz i will be fishing, lol.
  15. chad, luv that loomis. it has accounted for several steelies and some big trout and a big bull trout. i think the shad are counted at ice harbor but not on the upper dams. mike w
  16. If you check that site out Mike, you will see shad aren't counted at all locations. Hence my question. I'd like a shorter drive, the same as you and wish I could find shad counts at the upstream dams.
  17. fished below ice harbor on Saturday from 0430 to about 0900. I didn't touch a fish, not even an incidental bass, which is unusual. I only saw 3 shad caught by gear fishermen. Typically with the numbers going over ice harbor, the river below is full of shad. I don't know why things were so off for me, I haven't paid much attention to moon phases in the past, but we did have a full moon on Friday.
  18. cmann, did you fish the north or south shore? i might go down on wed or thurs. what time of day do you think would be the best? thanks, mike w

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