Shakespeare Tru-Art Automatic Fly Reel

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  1. I know they aren't real popular anymore, but I have a Shakespeare Tru-Art model 1835 automatic fly reel that belonged to my Grandfather. I would like to get it back to useable condition, and am looking for a donor reel for parts. I need the metal side plate that the spring connects to. Please let me know if you have a reel you'd be willing to part with, or if you know where I may find one. Also, does anyone know if parts from the different models of Tru-Arts interchange? Thank you.
  2. Go to the 'bay, plenty of used autos there. I have 6 of them, haven't used one yet....might bring one out to a lake and put it on some bamboo for some laughs! The springs in those suckers are so strong they could pull a small trout through the guides!
  3. Naaaaw, those things belong to the glass generation. LOL I know, I grew up with a Shakespere auto reel and a Heddon glass rod. And I've sucked more than a few bluegills into the rod tip.
  4. From 1953 to 1976 I repaired many, many of them. Parts from the Model 1837 are , for the most part, the same with the exception of the shaft, spool, line guides etc. the springs can be trouble if you are not careful, ease it out of the cap, clean it in a suitable solvent and wipe dry. From the factory they had a white grease. to reinstall, hold the cap facing up, hook the spring in it's place and while holding your thumb on the spring wind in a clockwise direction holding the new coils with your opposite thumb. Be careful! Some South Bend Oreno Matic reels will work...Models 1130, 1140, as Shakespeare built them as well. While we are on the Shakespeare I have a favor to ask...the factory rep was one of my best friends, lived in Butler, PA, had 2 boys, Tom and Doug, name was Harold DeWard. Retired, moved to Santa Rosa, asked him to take a territory in Oregon for a year to see if he could improve it. Wrote me and said they loved the location and built a house near the DeSchutes River...hope I spelled it right. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Email me if I can be of help with the Thanks

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