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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by GAT, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. I first got this idea when I decided I didn't like the chrome shine of removable split shot. At first I tried painting the split shot but that was labor intensive and the paint came off. I don't know why I thought of gun bluing but it works much better than paint.

    Now, when I want to dull-down something, in this case, dumbbell eyes for a damselfly nymph I'm tying, I put the eyes in a dixie cup of gun bluing, let them sit for an hour, drain out the bluing and dry the eyes on a paper towel.

    It works like a charm. I sold the idea as a tip to Sports Afield long, long ago so you older guys may remember seeing it in The Almanac section.


    Yes, you can buy black dumbbell eyes but I didn't have any but instead have an overabundance of chrome jobs. Remember, the idea was originally for chrome, removable split shot and they don't make those in black. Just a FYI.
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  2. Way to combine sporting materials. Next you'll be show us how to clean your gun with a peacock quill.:)
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  3. You mean you don't? :p
  4. I have used tippet as dental floss. Love jerky, just doesn't like me sometimes.
  5. I use my my teeth, much to the outrage of my dentist, to on-lock the removable split shot but I wouldn't suggest the technique if you have used gun blue to remove the shine from the weight. I tend to believe gun bluing is toxic.

    I can see where tippet material would work as dental floss... most likely it isn't toxic.
  6. Here's the pattern I'm working on to represent a damselfly nymph. I'm intrigued by a fairly new product from Spirit River called Jailhouse Marabou. I'm using the olive/black version of the product.

  7. Great idea, Gene! And I'll have to look for some of that marabou. Less really is more . . .
  8. Jim, Hareline also sells a variegated marabou called Grizzly Marabou but they are much shorter plums... I use them for smaller nymph patterns. I wanted longer blood marabou fibers for the damselfly pattern.

    I'm also tying the pattern in tan/black with the Spirit River Jailhouse product.

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