"shooting Head" Fly Lines In Tropical Saltwater/ Bahamas Question

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Dehlan G, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. How do lines (specifically the Airflo 40+) we use out here in the Puget Sound perform in warm tropical waters? Does the heat/water temperature effect or damage the lines at all? I am not trying to drop a 100 bucks on a bonefish/warmwater fly line I will rarely ever use.

    I'm going on a family vacation to the bahamas next week, and I'm bringing the 6 weight for whatever near-shore fish that will bite (bonefish will probably be an unrealistic expectation on this trip). It looks like I will be able to catch few tropical "aquarium" fish, and I'm happy with that. Bringing an assortment of clousers, streamers, and scuds.
  2. The line will be very limp and a noodle to cast-but your casts will likely not be over 40 feet so it could work-accuracy and distance will be way down.
  3. The temperature can have a big effect on a line. I've been throwing a type 5 sinking 40+ Expert this winter in FL and it's been fine. Both head and running line are reasonable. Bahamas is a little warmer but it was 86 on the weekend here. I don't know if an intermediate head would get limp but I would think the running line would be fine. My SA clear intermediate stillwater lines do get too soft to cast well. Bring a floater with some poppers too. The barracuda should jump on them and the mangrove snapper will act like smallmouth bass and suck them down too. Use 30-40lb bite tippet unless you're getting refusals and feel the need to downsize.
  4. Not sure exactly which rod you are planning to take, but if it is a faster stick a lot of guys like to overline their rod to help it load quicker for the close in shots as well as help it cut through the wind. If you are interested, I've got a Rio 7 wt floater in the bonefish taper that you'd be welcome to borrow for your trip.
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  5. Go for that generous offer for sure and bring the Airflow as a back up. Some lines get so limp as to be useless in the heat and wind. Rio 7wt is a heavy almost 7.5 line but most fast action rods would handle it fine for shorter casts.

    Bring plenty of Gotchas, bonefish can show up almost anywhere.
  6. Thanks for the offer dcm. My rod is actually a relatively slow (medium) 10' 6wt so I will stick to the 40+ and hope for the best. The line casted fine last summer on 80 degree+ days, but I know Sound water is a lot colder than in the Bahamas.

    Thank you all for the fly recommendations
  7. Ok, your call. I'll leave the offer on the table though. PM me if you change your mind.
  8. Maybe I'm not picky enough but I have always used my floating lines from here for bonefish and never had a problem. Most of the lines are courtland 444s, some are SAs, some Cabelas, and some air flos. Don''t sweat the small stuff, just use your regular gear. Your biggest problem will be seeing them before they see you.
  9. I have bought discontinued tropical fly lines on Ebay as backup for less than $10.00. Better to go with older technology but with a fly line that you at least can cast. Trying to cast your cold formula fly lines will make you wish you had spinning gear with you unless you only cast 40-50 feet anyways then it likely won't much matter.
  10. Airflo does make tropical lines too that you could take with you...
  11. Thanks guys, the 40+ worked fine in the mornings before it got too hot.

    I had a follow from a small bonefish on the first day. I didn't notice it until I looked for my pink crazy charlie in the water. As I was stripping in for another cast, there it was, 10 feet in front of me.

    Didn't get much time to fish, a few hours in total. But I had a barracuda slice through 12 lb tippet right at my feet (and took my shock and awe) and hooked up with some large silvery fish (jacks maybe? but they had a bluish-hue) that I didn't land. Managed to catch and release some snapper and other tropical fish.

    I hand lined a few mutton and yellowtail snapper while I was snorkeling, using conch "slop" as bait. That was fun.

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