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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by James Harrington, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Hit a few spots on the Canal yesterday. Experienced about 15 hookups and 6 or 7 to hand. Most were carbon copies of the fish pictured below. 13-15" was the norm. Only one dink and maybe one or two that came unbuttoned felt larger. Have yet to see any significant numbers of chum fry in the shallows but my journal indicates they should be pouring out soon.

    Winds were calm and the fishing enjoyable. Cuttthroat 3-25.jpg
  2. nice looking fish, James! What'd you catch him on-looks pretty sparsely dressed!
  3. Conehead Baitfish Streamer.jpg
    Thanks Alex,

    For the fly, I've taken the basic idea of a chum baby (conehead and sparse tail/body) and adapted it with typical clouser/streamer ideas to represent a variety of baitfish.

    White craft fur or marabou for the tail/belly, a few strands of krystal flash and flashy angel hair on top of that for the lateral line, then some squirrel tail or gray or olive marabou on top of that to replicate the darker back of typical baitfish. Finally, some peacock dubbing or cactus chenille in olive, black, or white for the head. Black or olive directly behind the conehead makes for a more exaggerated "eye" effect, while white makes the conehead seem more like the eye and the actual "head" behind the cone like a gillflap. When tying with white behind the cone head, I use I a black/gray cone head to make the "eye" more distinct. If I'm using black or olive behind the cone head, I'll use a bright chrome cone head for a bit of extra flash up front.

    I change thread color based on the main colors used in the fly. If the back is going to be dark, I'll use olive or black thread, if pink or chartreuse back, I'll go with white/pink/ or chartreuse thread.

    I busted the hot version I was using yesterday off on the rocks but below is a pink over white version of the basic idea. I normally go even sparser than this. Its amazing how much even a little material spreads out in the water. And tying it to the leader with a loop really adds to the jigging effect ( remnants of my bass fishing days in Texas; its got to do the parachute effect!).
  4. Very nice....Im still looking for my first SRC.Been out a few times and nothing.It will happen one day.
  5. Nice work man. That is a good looking fish and fly!
  6. Thats a nice cutt and a heck of a good day, Wow 15 hook ups......I've not had that kind of luck lately, a few here and there but no real numbers, most of them have been around that size. Not seen any real sign of fry yet but am looking forward to their arrival. Thanks for the report.
  7. Good going James! It's been hit and miss for me when I've had the chance to get out.
  8. James - thank you for the fly pattern. I'm in the middle of tying up some fry patterns for the spring now. Hopefully they'll get me a few hookups.

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