Short E. Sierra trip

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    Took a short, but much needed (haven't been able to fish since last Sept!) 4 day'er last week/weekend only to be brutalized by major wind and high water.
    Wind/gusts to 50mhp whipped lakes into Lake Superior sized waves, blowing dust obliterated mountain veiws, sent lawn furniture sailing into the water and blew my 18oz whiskey/7 off the fence rail!
    Tubed one windy high lake for 5hrs being blown around like a turd in a swirling toilet bowl. Only two fish to hand in the last half hour after finally finding the right fly/depth. Partner got zip.
    Did a bit of exploring a tiny heavily brushed fast flowing creek and found brown trout in almost every pool. Surprisingly, the better looking pool pic yielded a +14'' brown!
    Pic of the chimney was found to be an old gold prospector's cabin (now burned) circa 1915-20.
    No info on the cabin.
    Last pic shows creek grass/weed growth. Couple small browns and one "bow taken. All fish were water released.
    Sorry, no fish pics.
    Despite Mother Nature, still had a good time.
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  2. Bruce Baker

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    Thanks for sharing. It's not always about the fish! Love the color and clarity of the water.
  3. Alex MacDonald

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    The "windy city" ain't got nothin` on Owens up to Bridgeport! Good shots, Mark!