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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by dcm, Oct 30, 2012.

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    Got a little bit of late start, but managed a short float this past Saturday. Weather and water conditions were pretty good. Not too cold, mostly overcast and only a little intermittent drizzle throughout the day. Visibility was very good and, although I couldn’t find my thermometer, I’d say the water was starting to cool off down around that 50 deg mark (judgment made based on cold toes). “Busy” is a somewhat relative term, but this was one of my more crowded experiences on this river. I saw several other boats/rafts/guides and bank anglers and had to pass several favorite spots because they were already occupied. Not particularly surprising for a weekend though. I started out fishing a floating line, but switched to some light tips and small winter-type flies. I had a couple of suspicious bumps but no real good grabs. I didn’t see any fish caught and no one that I spoke to had caught anything (or at least they weren’t admitting it if they had). Good day on the water; fall colors are in full effect.

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    You probably floated past us, we were shore bound and doing a mix of gear and fly fishing. We caught nothing as well. Only one group admitted to catching fish, two wilds they said.