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  1. I have to admit I felt a little guilty lately, I have been gear fishing like the last 2 months or so chasing hatchery steelhead without grabbing my fly rod once. It came to a point where I wasn't even having much fun, steelhead fishing is serious business. Right? No! So I decided to grab my fly rod and head out alone and take my time and just have fun. It was easy to do, and amazingly, I was kind of giddy the night before. I chose to fish water I had been fishing lately with gear in an effort to compare the results. The day seemed slow, I had some doubts after all that gear fishing, but just when I was about to give in to the skunk, a steelhead came through. I don't want to share the "results" for fear of calamity in this precious fly fishing only website. ;) It felt great to catch a fish the best way I know how, again. The feeling never gets old. Cheers!

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  2. Nice Report, Sweet Dingley and Sweeter fish. Wish my last couple days were as good as yours.
  3. Nice job. What's the purpose of the green bungee cord?
  4. It holds back his luscious locks while he is posing for his magazine cover shot..
  5. Good job on the fish J!
  6. Very awesome.thanks for sharing! I was wondering the same about the green ties on the lower grip?

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  7. Maybe its a 2 pce and he uses the green bands when he breaks his rod down.
  8. It is a Burkie 7125-3. I use the hair ties to hold it all together when broken down as I hike around to my spots, I rarely boat fish. They store easily on the handle like that and don't get lost like the Rod Butler and the like which must be stored in a pocket or something. 3 piece rods are especially complicated to break down safely for bush whacking.
  9. Nice little steelhead.

    Why the slam to the board? What purpose did that serve?

  10. Because some people on this board can't take a joke.

    Nice fish Hauntedbywaters, it's pretty rare for you to post pictures and/or a report haha..
  11. You figure someone doesn't have a sense of humor so you slam the entire board. Sure, that will make it all work better. If it is such an issue that you guys think you need to slam the place why sitck around?
  12. I am not sure what the slam is. I reread this several times. He is winking with his tongue in cheek comment, so I think you have just misinterpreted him Kerry.
  13. Case in point.

    Lets keep this thread about hauntedbywaters steelhead report.

  14. Somebody has his panties on backwards this morning.;)
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  15. Nope, no panties bound up or nothing and why would you even think that? I just don't understand bashing the entire board when it had nothing to do with the guy's original post. It doesn't make sense to me and I think if this place is so bad that he needs to bash it for no reason why is he even here?
  16. He slammed the board in his steelhead report for no reason so I am sticking to his report.
  17. HBH does this in almost every post he makes here. He seems to have a need to take pot shots at the membership when he can. I don't understand it and would like to know why. I didn't misinterpret anything.
  18. Whats wrong with wearing your pantys backwards?
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  19. I re read his post three times and don't see at all where he slammed anything or anyone.

    HBW, nice fish.
  20. KerryS and I have fished together before and he doesn't like me. It's all good. Some people don't get along.
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