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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by 9140greenie, Jan 27, 2013.

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    The last two weeks I have been on the river four times. It has slowed considerably. Two grabs and one fish to hand (a spawned out summer fish). I talked to a couple of guys that fish this water a lot, and they said that the catching has been sloooooooow. Tight lines.
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    You at least need to tell us the name of the river... not much meat on this bone ;)
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    SouthWest Washington report?
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    I agree with this - there are a lot of rivers in SWW.
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    "lots of rivers" really? That only applies to maybe 5 to the Internet steelheader...and most likely one of the three Kalama, Washougal, or EFL.

    Not sure if I speak for all the SW Washington steelheaders but most are pretty tight lipped about our home waters....lies, subterfuge, those are the types of info we're bound to spew.

    My report...very slow, still trying to get the skunk off!

    Don't trust me? call "Sportsman's Warehouse".
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    What about the upper Chehalis, Newaukum, Willapa, North, Naselle, Elochoman, Coweeman, Grays, Wind, or Toutle rivers? I would consider those SW rivers.
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