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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Eyejuggler, Feb 12, 2013.

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    Hey all, sorry for the seriously NFR post but we are having some old concrete in the basement blues and were told a shotcrete contractor might be the ticket.
    I came up nearly blank in my google search and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. Might be a long shot.


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    Interesting Juggler. You might try a swimming pool builder for shotcrete or you might look into sprayed in place foam.
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    Hmmm, I've never worked on foundations, but I have been around masonry restoration for a while. In this case, I'm curious as to why the foundation would be giving way. It could be a bad patch of concrete, a major structural defect, or some major soil movement.

    My first thought would be to get an inspection of your foundation/structural integrity before going further. Problems with a foundation can lead to much bigger issues down the road. An inspection can reveal if you're just going to need a band-aid, or some serious repairs.

    If you already know that you don't need any major improvements/repairs, and it is just a simple patch, you can hire a masonry restoration contractor to fix the problem.
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    From your picture it doesn't look like structural concrete. Like JD said a masonry or plastering contractor could probably fix this. You might call some smaller (residential) concrete contractors,I think thats your best route. Shotcrete is a big deal with a lot of mess and waste. Also very expensive with a horrible ammonia smell that can make your family sick. I would call ins. agent to see if your covered ?
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  5. Bradley Miller Dances with fish

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    Doesn't LOOK structural; thats not much of a load on top of that concrete!
    Shotcrete is a process for making a concrete shell; maybe all you really need is some retaining wall kind of work. ?
    I'd be happy to look at it for you, and render an opinion. I'm full of opinions!
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    PM sent
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    First off, thanks for all the PM's and info! I had a crappy day at work so having this issue on top of it was rather over the top. Having a beer and reading the thoughts and tips have made me just decide to suck it up and try to build a retaining wall around all the crappy concrete/cobble mix. Shotcrete sounds a bit pricey and overkill for the need, plus I really hated the thought of spending a huge chunk of money I don't have for something so un-fun...gotta save the sheckles for a pontoon boat.
    I have little experience with concrete but I have seen enough to know roughly what I need to do and ANYTHING has got to be better than the funkyness that exists down there now.
    Gonna google some stuff and rent a small mixer when I get the form built. I will be certain to post a trip report on it as well :)

    Thanks again for the beta and your time.