Should I be Proud or Ashamed?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by JayB, Jul 24, 2013.

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    Gee Whizz....I don't care what you use but trying to imitate spinning gear sure doesn't work for me. I find a pink shrimp or clouser a much more effective lure for the pinks than the spinning gear. I think this is one fish that likes the fly better....
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    Well - evidently heresy has a price! Not only did my deeds at the vice consign me to an ungodly purgatory consisting of the odd sculpin and flounder, it seems to have so angered the gods that it put the bite off for everyone fishing at DPSP this morning, at least between 8 and 11. Didn't see a single a single sign of a salmonoid roaming about or on the end of a line anywhere in eyeshot the entire time. Even switching out to the ever reliable and 100% kosher cerise-and-pink flashabou comet wasn't sufficient penance to have the curse lifted.

    Oh well - in for a penny, in for a pound. Back at it tomorrow, bringing the curse to a beach near you.
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    As long as your using a Tenkara rod ,I'm good with it.
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    Jay, two years ago I made similar hardware and fished it with good success. Use a 1/16" oz worm weight sinker a bead and saltwater hook. I ran out of flies and assembled some in a pinch and it worked well. Mini hootchie skirts simulate squid, or shrimp and is effective for most salmon species.
  5. NW_flyfisher if it's not this, then what?

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    if you said you went fly fishing for pinks and caught some on this, then be ashamed, if you said you went gear fishing using a fly rod, then that is the truth or say you are the new generation of "hybrid fly fishers" . When you have a fish on, who cares...the pride really isn't the same though, but the thrill while reeling in a fish is. A few years ago I ran into a real slow time up on Lone Lake, so I put a barbless silver Dick Nite spoon on, caught a trout immediately and changed back to flies. I told my fly fishing buddies I caught one on a metal fly, heck thete's foam flies. Here's my advice, try creating on as some posters suggest, if no luck, then switch. Have fun and let us know how it all woks out!
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    turn that skirt around and you got yourself a reverse hoochie.
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    I don't necessarily disagree with the lines you've drawn, but I have to admit that I'm curious as to how folks mark their own personal lines in the sand and determine what qualifies as fly fishing and what doesn't- do the ties with marabou qualify as flies, but not the ties made with the silicone leg material? Does synthetic material that's designed to simulate a natural material, like "Fish Scale" straddle the boundary? What about flies like the one in the vid below? Like I said - I don't necessarily disagree with you, but when I try to draw hard lines there are so many obvious exceptions to any rule that I come up with that I usually just give up, grab a beer, head for the vise, and start thinking about the fish I'll be catching.

    Since I'm currently enjoying a beer and have a bit of free time, there's a funny story about the fish in my avatar. That's a rainbow from the Tongariro river in New Zealand, and I'd been watching a conga line of big ass trout feeding on size 20 lacewings underneath a canopy of overhanging willows for at least two hours and having zero luck. My wife was fishing with me, and had seen me tying up a batch of mouse flies the week before, and said - "Hey - you should try one of the mouth flies." It never would have occurred to me, since as far as I knew mouse flies were exclusively for browns at the change of light, it was around noon, and I was 99% sure the fish I'd been unsuccessfully casting to (and sacrificing untold numbers of flies to the guardian willows above them) for a couple of hours were rainbows. Anyhow - since I was having zero luck, and I happened to have a mouse fly on me, I said "What the hell - why not?" and cast it under the willow tentacles. A few seconds later one of the big boys took the bait in the mouse-trap, and I was into the fish of a lifetime (at least for me).

    2-3 weeks later we took off to visit my host family from the days when I was an exchange student there in the early '90's, and I ran into one of the more memorable characters from my original stay - a chain smoking, hard-as-nails old lady who had spent just about all of her adult life living on a remote farm in New South Wales, who was also an avid fly-fishergal (which is why I remembered her from the original stay). Anyhow - she was asking me how the fishing had been on the Tongariro since she'd heard about it quite a bit, and I reached for my camera to show her the best fish I'd manage to catch during our stay. Once the image came up on the screen she started scowling, big time. "What's that in it's mouth?!" "It's a mouse fly." "A *what* fly?" "Uh - a fly that imitates a mouse...." She proceeded to give me all kinds of hell, and let me know in no uncertain times that unless you were fishing with dries that imitated bugs on the surface, you sure as hell weren't fly fishing, and let me know that I might as well have caught the fish with a pitchfork and called it "fly fishing". It was quite the hilarious (and mostly good natured) dressing down from a woman well into her 80's (gesturing with an unfiltered cig the entire time) and I tend to remember it whenever the "what is fly fishing" sort of thread comes up.
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    Hilarious story, thanks for sharing.

    Once upon a time on the little island of Guanaja (Honduras bay island) I rigged up a 6wt fly rod with a stripped down size 8 hook (from some old fly) and bits of Berkeley Gulp soft plastic and jigged for small snappers off the dock. Very effective. This, I would not consider "fly fishing", but I'd argue that we all define those lines for ourselves and as long as we are comfortable with those lines, that's all that really matters.

    Part of what turned me off from fly fishing before I got into it (grew up with a spinning rod in my hand) is the elitism associated with this particular method of fishing - the idea that a fish caught on a fly rod is somehow purer or better than a fish caught with any other method. Which is why I am always of the opinion that fishing is fishing - unless you resort to dynamite the various rods, lures, flies, tactics, etc, are all different means towards the same ends. You may have personal preferences but to draw a hard line and say that one form qualifies for some label and another form does not, that's a little too much for me.
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    Here's some I tied. I can tell you for a fact they have caught at least one fish. image.jpg
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    Thats really nice work. simple to tie or something beyond what a tying newbie like me would be capable of?
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    Look like fish eaters to me, but there's only one way to find out. I just recently went through an old fly box from my first saltwater tying efforts... as ugly as Hillary's "kankles"... I was ashamed. They went out with the weeks garbage.
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    Well - according to how you personally define things I headed out this morning and managed to catch a few by either a)casting a hot pink bead-head marabou squid-pattern tube fly on an intermediate line with a strip retrieve or b) rustled up some fish with my 9' graphite jiggin' stick an' one of them dang 'ol flippy-floppy feather-lure thangys.

    Verdict after the second test run seems to be - effective. My cats had a huddle as I was processing the fish, considered the matter carefully and with all of the deliberation due a quandary of this magnitude and significance, and advised me to consign all of my ethical qualms to the waste bucket along with the rest of the gut-pile, and carry on.....
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    Sounds to me like you got some smart cats there.